How to Ask a Girl Out | Asking A Girl Out For A Date

Asking a girl out on a date is something that terrifies most boys. Well, the reason this happens is because they have a hidden agenda on their minds and want something more than the date itself. However, if it is only a date that you are seeking then it is a very straight forward affair after all you are not asking her to marry you. Here are seven steps that you need to follow when asking a girl out on a date.
Never give a woman your card or say something like "Give me a call when you feel free". Instead, be assertive, take control and ask her to give you her phone number. See what happens when you give your card to a girl, the only ones who will actually call you are the bold, confident types.

There will always be butterflies in the stomach when it comes to making the first move. Some people just handle it better than others. The initial moves in meeting and asking a girl out are not really that hard, it is the anxiety and the nervousness that makes it seem harder than it really is.

Don't get nervous, anxious or depressed once you get a 'no' as an answer on being approached. Don't lose your cool. Try to make further efforts like being friends with her and getting to know more about her.

Go over there, say hi and ask her for a date ---you can even insert the part of striking a conversation. It's alright to have little chitchat but don't make it too long like you're delivering a speech or reciting a chapter from a novel. Stay cool and be normal. Don't get stuck.

Say something casually, like, "I really like you and find being with you interesting. Would you like to catch a movie with me this Friday?". She may agree. If she does, do not dance a jig, but simply smile casually and say, "So I'll see you on Friday", and move the conversation quickly to discussing the time and the meeting place.

Always meet your dates in QUIET bars or lounges, never take them to loud noisy bars or nightclubs as other guys may move in mistakenly and whisk your date away, unless you want this to happen my general rule is never take them to busy or loud nightclubs.Be casual: Don't make a big deal out of asking out.

It will make you nervous and you may also end up making her confused and nervous. It is a good idea to say something like "I want to take you out for dinner tonight" instead of "I want to go on a dinner date with you".  

Just compliment her that she is looking fantastic. The catch here is that you have to mean it and appreciate her indeed. Girls love to be complimented. So why not try this way.

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