How to Get More Intimate With a Guy - Top Tips To Be Intimate With A Guy

Don't hold his hand when yours is sweaty. Well technically, this doesn't really ruin the mood but you might want to hold off thinking of holding his hand when you're sporting really sweaty ones. The best remedy is to be cool and to avoid being too nervous. Breathe and relax.
Wearing the right clothes that make you look confident and sexy is the ticket! Make sure your clothes are chic, classy and show off your sex appeal. It is easier to get intimate with the guy when he's "gaga" over the way you look!

Even though you can beat any guy in an arm wrestling match, don't use that skill when touching a guy. Instead, keep your touches light and alternate between brief and lingering motions. This move will surely drive any man crazy.

Don't stop flirting with your man. It makes him feel attractive and sexy. Show him that you want him and use your body language to signal your desire. Your man should know that you desire him.

More than looking good, you need to smell good. Take frequent showers or baths. Use scented soap or shampoo that emits a fresh, clean aroma. It's absolutely intoxicating to smell a girl free from heavy perfume.

Your eyes are your best weapons. Your eyes can speak a lot of things. Do not stare, instead, maintain eye contact that is short and lingering. You can look at him and look away when you catch him looking back.

Establish some level of familiarity, if you are little thrown off by his surroundings, let him know either that you would love if he came over to your place or tell him you would rather wait until you were more comfortable in his bed.

Don't get slack and complacent when it comes to keeping his interest in you. The moment you get boring and predictable, his interest will wane and you could lose him for good.

Learn to flirt with him and you can look forward to a lot more wondrous dates. Entice him with entertaining conversations, let him think how it would feel like to finally kiss your lips.