Tips On How To Cut and Maintain Your Lawn

A home or a property overlooking a beautiful lawn is a dream of any owner. The value enhances with the image of the landlord. A landscape has to be maintained meticulously to attract the attention of green lovers.

Non-selective herbicides refer to the herbicides that kill anything green indiscriminately and randomly with no selection and preference to them. It actually stops the photo-synthesis process of the plants and eventually kills them.

Many other lawns can be seen out there that are groomed almost flawlessly. However, no matter what type it is, the most important matter to a lawn owner is to know how exactly to maintain and care for it.

On average, a healthy lawn needs between one and two inches of water a week. If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where it rains throughout the summer, you will not need to bother with sprinklers. However, if a drought occurs it might become necessary to water by hand to keep the lawn green and healthy.

Another step in maintaining a healthy lawn is to properly mow it. You will want to mow at least once a week. Be sure not to set the mower blade too low or you will end up killing the grass. Also, be sure not to mow in circles.

For a gardener, there's not a better thing than having his mower blades razor-sharp. That will allow to cut the grass cleanly and more importantly you will have a healthy grass because of the clean cut.

Sod is the most regulated way to get an amazing looking lawn, with sod, you will get great looking grass that basically lets you start over and creates an amazing lawn that you don't have to build up from scratch. So, you'll start off with something that looks great and all that you will have to do is maintain it with regular lawn care, which is great.

Riding mowers typically have their engines in the rear, and are primarily designed with lawn care in mind. The typical property size managed with this type of equipment is under one acre and over half an acre. Although there are some people who do buy these mowers for smaller plots of and simply for the pure enjoyment of riding during the tedious chore of lawn care.