Great Places To Spend Your Christmas | How To Spend Christmas Holidays

Aspen - Aspen, the mountain resort playground of the rich and famous makes a fantastic seasonal break. Spend your holiday celebrity spotting on the slopes, sipping cocktails in a cool nightclub and relaxing in a luxurious hotel or romantic ski lodge. Not really a place to bring the kids but if you're young and attractive this might be your ideal Christmas holiday location.

Although it is a long way away another place that people are going to for Christmas these days is Australia. Remember when it 's winter where you live in Australia it's summer and for something a little more unusual why not spend Christmas day on the beach. In fact many Australians have a Christmas barbecue rather than the usual Christmas dinner on the beach.

Hogenakkal literally means smoking rocks (in Tamil). The falls comprise of a numer of smaller waterfalls that make up the beauty of the place. Hogenakkal is located in Dharmapuri district and is about 120 Kms from Bangalore. Perfect for a day-trip, you can drive to here over a Saturday and get a day's off to unwind.

Disney World, Florida: Disney World is a great place to take the family for a special and fun Christmas vacation. There are the fantastic rides, parades, and other exciting events that will be enjoyed by the entire family. A Christmas vacation at Disney World is an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Holiday cottage Wales truly allow the seaside into the living area providing breathtaking sea view for you. Most rooms offer commanding sea views with the decoration reflecting the fresh seaside. A truly relaxing Christmas holiday from the moment you arrive and hear the sea you will not want to leave this 5 star holiday cottage.

Amsterdam is a great place to spend the Christmas season. First of all, it is going to have a slightly cooler climate, which means that you will still feel as if you are in the middle of the winter. Yet, it will be much more mild, meaning that you can still enjoy walking and biking around the city, as well as traveling on the canal.

Yelagiri Hills is not your typical touristy destination; this place is meant for those who wish to getaway from the regular monotony of the cities to just relax for a couple of days. The hill station is at a height of about 900 meters (around 3000 feet) and the weather is pleasant all year round.