Symptoms of a Hairline Fracture

Hairline fractures or stress fractures are not easily detected or felt as compared to other types of fractures. Patients may sometimes feel tenderness at the affected area coupled with some swelling. These symptoms are further amplified during activities and will reduce with rest. Hairline fractures are actually tiny cracks in a bone resulting from overuse and are frequently observed in places where repetitive loads are encountered such as the ankle.

Our bone is like a rigid sponge that is filled with a protein matrix embedded with calcium reinforcements. Half of the bone is made up of protein and protein is the building block of our body. During a fracture, the structure is compromised and the body will start to synthesis a new protein matrix. As a result, it will require tremendous amount of protein.

Hairline can also be caused by playing sports. If you are a tennis player, you always have to practice using your wrist and arms. You need to swing the racquet many times to hit the ball. If you overuse your wrists, they may develop stress over time which can lead to bone fracture.

Metatarsal stress fractures can be painful, but in the beginning the pain is not generally present all the time. But when pain is felt, it can be intense. As time goes on, the longer you do not deal with the problem, the more frequent, intense, and enduring the pain is likely to become. If you leave the problem untreated for long enough, it could eventually lead of a full break of the bone.

Once diagnosed, the problem is treated with rest, with casts rarely used however crutches are highly beneficial. Leg or foot splints can be used to ensure the foot and lower leg remain straight to give the bones the maximum chance of a quick recovery.

Fracture treatment involves immobilization of the fractured part and usually it is done using a cast mould to help if from dislocating. Cast and fiberglass are used depending on the availability and requirement and in most of the cases in which the dame is not that sever, splints are used. Splint is a more comfortable option available and provides almost similar results as a cast.

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