How to Cure a Hangover

Like the drinking water method of curing a hangover, drinking plenty of fruit juice can be a good method to adopt in your journey for how to cure a hangover. You'll replenish some of the liquid that you've lost when you created your hangover in the first place. You'll also benefit from the vitamins contained in the fruit juice.

Taking vitamins to prevent hangovers is much better. You have to remember to swallow a couple of pills with water right after drinking and before sleeping but most times, it works pretty well.

Another trick such as honey can help you with the upset stomach and absorb the alcohol in your body. The crackers that you can spread the honey on also helps absorb the alcohol more quickly. 

When you drink alcohol, you end up dehydrating yourself and to fix that you should use lemon juice. Water, sports drinks are a necessity when treating a nasty hangover. Hydration is key. In addition, sports drinks provide electrolytes to help hydrate your body faster, along with providing vitamins and minerals your body needs to replenish what it had lost from metabolizing alcohol.

Eggs contain cysteine, which breaks down acetaldehyde formed by alcohol in the body. Thus, a wholesome meal of eggs after a night of drinking can help clear alcohol faster.
Keep away from drinking coffee. In contrast with the popular belief, drinking coffee will just worsen the situation. This is because coffee is rich in caffeine which can add up to the hangover feeling. This will also dehydrate you more.

Try not to go overboard on aspirin, ibuprofen etc- it's easy to think you need more than is prescribed on the bottle, but frequently only a small amount will do the trick. Try to avoid stronger prescribed pain killers as they may be more addictive and have unwanted side effects such as drowsiness