Truths about Female Clitoral Orgasm

The clitoris is the only female erectile organ. Increased blood flow (in older women) causes the internal clitoral organ to swell. Understand firstly that a woman has two points of physical orgasmic stimulation; the clitoris and the G spot; however, there is a third place that overrides both physical stimulation points.

The clitoris is too sensitive for further stimulation to be pleasurable (or even comfortable). There is no reason to continue stimulation. Orgasm coincides with the sense of release and the end of our ability to be aroused by a particular fantasy. Orgasm, when it is our objective, defines the end of that activity.

Performing penetrative sex alongside clitoral stimulation is a sure-fire way to give your woman a night of intense pleasure. There are many sex positions you can use to achieve that. For instance, when having sexual intercourse, you can stand while she lies down on her back - either on the bed on a flat table. This is way, you will be able to stimulate her clitoris and lower your woman's threshold for an orgasm so that she can achieve an orgasm more quickly.

Stimulation can be done by gently caressing or rubbing the clitoris with your tongue or fingers, slowly and gently at first then much more rapidly as the clitoris becomes more erect and the woman starts to lubricate heavily. Take note that one side of the clitoris is more sensitive than the other so it would be a wonderful experience to discover which side is which, and in the process would bring your woman to new levels of sexual pleasure that she has not experienced before.

You can use your fingers or your tongue as long as you have sufficient control over the stimulation. Make sure it is something you are comfortable doing and can keep up for a good period of time. Some women require you to provide longer clitoris stimulation before orgasm can be achieved. Some people like to use sex toys like vibrators for this purpose as well.

Many women have an exceedingly sensitive clitoris and may not tolerate any kind of pressure or stimulation over this area. It is best to use direct vaginal techniques in such hypersensitive women.