4 Ways to Like Yourself More

Take A Day Off

We all know the saying 'a change is a good as a rest', so take a day out from your usual routine and spend it doing something unusual. Go for a picnic, visit a museum or a theme park, or simply explore a new town.

Get Physically Fit

You don't need to achieve a supermodel-like physique. Simple daily exercises to boost your bloodstream every morning will do. You will feel better, your mood will be more positive, and the more congenial you will be with other people. If you give out positive energy, the more beautiful you become - and the more people will be inclined to return positive vibes to you, too.
Believe In Yourself

Once you have learn to love yourself, you will find it easier to believe in yourself. All your focus should be on your strengths. Magnify them and work on improving them. If you see an opportunity to shine, go for it. You need not have to be hesitant or have second thoughts. 

Keep Learning From Your Experiences

Loving yourself and putting your needs and happiness first isn't always easy. It takes practice and continuous learning from past unloving behaviors. You know you have not engaged in self loving behavior when your decision or action leads to you feeling less than fully satisfied. When this happens, it is easy to get into a pattern of self pity and blame.

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