Dating Ideas for Married Couples

Dating is nerve-racking enough without the added stress of consistently coming up with new, creative and romantic date ideas. If you are married it can be even more difficult. Why? Because the two of you have settled into a routine the kids are demanding practically all of your time.
Many men and women who are already in stable relationships, or are already married, are interested in ideas for dates to keep things fresh and interesting. If you are in this situation, you may have slightly different requirements for date ideas than a pair of teens on their very first dates.

When you get together, talk about what your favorite foods are. Plan a night where each of you makes dinner and the recipes are only your mate's favorite foods. This will provide you with two special dates and a night you will remember for years.

Go on a hike to a hike-in campground, build a cozy fire and a bring a cozier sleeping bag for two. Cuddle under the stars for the night, then hike back out the next day. Obviously, you'll need some basic provisions that a good outdoor store can help you with. A picnic near a fabulous waterfall or in a secluded park setting can be fitting for fun.

Driving up a mountain peak and setting up your picnic overlooking remarkable scenery, city skylines, or nature is a pleasant setting. If you truly enjoy the outdoors, a picnic in a state park with rolling streams and aromatic pines might be relaxing.

Many hotels have spas, get the spa treatment. Book a room that promotes beds full of rosebuds, complimentary wine, and the works for a romantic setting. Enjoy a candlelight dinner in a corner table for added privacy.

Do you know how to dance, even if you don't really like to? Is dancing a foreign language to you, and you are terrified to even try? Don't be. Women love men who are light on their feet or who at least give it a shot. Take her dancing or go together for dancing lessons. As we all know, a woman's body can speak volumes through dance.

Spending time together as a couple does not have to be boring. In fact, with a few great ideas, you can turn your dates into something wonderfully different and fun. Surprise your date with one of these great ideas.