How to Face a Cheating Husband

If you've recently found out that your husband is cheating on you, this may be the most important article you'll read about how to deal with your his affair. Catching a cheating husband is always a messy and sordid situation. What is more aggravating and unpleasant is what happens before actually catching a cheating husband.
Get your husband to stop cheating. Now is the time to lay down the law. If your husband has a hope at all of saving your marriage then he will snap to attention for this line in the sand. Draw it well. Make it bold. Make sure it stands out in his mind. Cheating will not be tolerated in the future. He gets one second chance over cheating and it ends today or your marriage will end.

Understanding why he is cheating is the most important step for resolving the issue and this understanding will ultimately depend on the questions you ask and the answers you get.

The person who is being accused of cheating is usually insisting that the person doing the accusing is all wrong.  Sometimes, they will do their best to seem sincere and injured and confused.  Other times, they will become both defensive and aggressive and let you know very clearly that they consider this to be an attack of their character and their commitment.

Whether you save the marriage or not, you must understand why the affair happened.  Sometimes, the answer is not really all that satisfying.  Many men have affairs because of some flaw or shortcoming with in themselves.  They are aging, becoming insecure, and begin to get bored with their own life because of their own lack of creativity.  An affair is a way to restore what they think time has stolen from them.

 It's also important that he believe that you don't intend to punish him or hold out on him forever. In short, you both need to feel safe with one another and this takes a bit of time. Usually, someone has to break the ice. And since your husband has pretty much shut down, you are probably the most logical person to do so, at least in the beginning.

Finally, you're going to have to learn to embrace the man on the other side of the mirror, flaws and all. They are part of who you are and part of the man your wife loves. Get the most out of your marriage and your time together by learning to accept the good and the bad about you and change the things you're not willing to accept.

Just remember that even if you aren't happy with your first decision you don't have to suffer through it forever. You can get your ex back - even after you dumped him for cheating.