Stay Safe to See on an African Safari

An African safari is the perfect chance to see some world famous natural beauties. You'll get to see breathtaking sights and witness amazing scenes firsthand. The best countries to see birds on an African safari are usually Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, South Africa and Kenya, but of course this does depends on the time of year.
For many people on an African Safari a sturdy, waterproof backpack is an ideal way to bring your essential items. As a rule when packing, try not to have your pack weigh more than 50 kilogram since you will be lugging it around from one safari lodge to the other. Make sure the straps on your pack fit you comfortably.

Bring Passport, Driver's license and various other identifications and check ahead to ensure you have all needed entry visas to the African countries you will visit.

Take the time to find out what the weather is like for the time of year that the trip is planned for. Being uncomfortable takes away from the safari and people should be looking outward instead of feeling uncomfortable.

To get the most out of any safari, one really needs to have a private guide - the very best that exists in that country - and a private vehicle, of course. This is so important as it buys you exclusivity and most importantly, freedom! Freedom to travel where you want to go, but also to spend as much time with any sighting that really captures your attention.

For the best viewing of the famous land migration however is to head across to the Serengeti where the climate and ecosystem has hardly been changed in the last few million years. Here you witness millions of herbivores making the dangerous journey to greener grasses, with the predators following close behind.

Tasting various wines and comparing notes on what you like best is an adventure in itself for many people. If wine tasting is your thing, then a South African wine tour is going to impress you.

African lion safaris are always popular. With the African lion coming under scrutiny in recent years with dwindling numbers many people are taking advantage of seeing this magnificent beast in the wild.

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