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Bed bugs belong to a group of parasitic insects that feed on blood. Their success in feeding undisturbed depends in part on the proteins in their saliva. These substances cause the host's blood vessels to dilate to ease the flow of blood into its body, inhibit clotting and to prevent immediate pain and itching.
There are various ways in which you can use salt to relieve bites and stings. You can use one teaspoon of salt and mix it with a little bit of water to make a paste. Then you can spread it over the affected skin area. You can keep it for as long as necessary and then remove it with a soft cloth.

You make a paste out of the three ingredients honey, olive oil and baking soda, and apply it right onto the affected area. You still have to be careful of messes, the combination doubles as a skin conditioner and leaves your skin super soft.

Bed bugs are hard to eliminate if you are going to do it by yourself. There are pest busters that offer pest control services which include bed bugs. Bed bugs control and elimination will take a day or two if the infestation is already worst. Some may require you to buy new furniture and renovate certain parts of the house.

To prevent bed bug bites, make sure you wash all your sheets thoroughly in high temperature (120 F Minimum). Bugs don't like heat and they can't survive with temperature higher than 110 F. Spray your bed with one of those scented cover sprays (preferably lavender) or a strong perfume. Bugs hate strong smell.

Salt water is a reliable home remedy for all kind of bug bites.Create a paste of water and tab salt. You can also use garlic, seasoning salt and Epson or kosher salt. I used to take 3-4 Tbsp. of salt and few drops of cold water. Then take a clean cloth, water it with the mixture and apply it on to the affected area. You can also rub the salt directly over the bites or soak it into the mixture. Initially it will cause a strong burning for few moments but then you will feel a great relief from itchiness and swelling.

Here are some
Home Remedies For Insects Bites

Ammonia is another household product that can help the irritation. Toothpaste has been used by many families to take the ouch out of a bug bite. The herbs pennyroyal and eucalyptus can be made into a weak tea that, when spread over bug bite, will soothe the itch and speed the healing process
High temperatures of steam would help kill the bugs and their eggs thus setting you free from the discomfort that they often bring and all the bodily harm. However, some people think that other methods are better than this one, so you would like to try it as a last resolution.