How To Build A Big Upper Body

As an ectomorph or skinny hardgainer, gaining some serious muscle on your upper body is no mean feat...after all you're fighting your genetics as well as the bad advice which is often liberally handed out by the know-it-alls at every gym.
An ideal upper body workout for skinny guys will work on the 5 major muscle groups, and work each of them no more than 3 times per week, as rest is an essential part of muscle growth.You need to make sure that you are lifting heavy weights - try to get a friend or gym partner who can spot you, as your final reps should be almost impossible to do.

Perform supersets between opposing muscle groups. For example do the bench press then immediately after perform the barbell rows, then go back to the bench press straight away.

Go Hard to Get Big-the quest to build upper body muscle is not an easy one. If you want serious muscle gain you need to get serious about your lifting. You need to push yourself hard and take yourself to your limit...each time...every time.

The intensity of your workouts should be extremely high. Make sure to use the heaviest weights possible for two to three sets of six to ten repetitions per exercise. Do a total of five to ten sets for all exercises that target a specific muscle group.

You also need to train your back many people just focus on there arms to get a great upper body but you back is very important to get that winged look and develop your rear deltoid and trapezius muscles. This is very important when building muscle mass so that your overall image of your upper body will appear huge.

Compound exercises don't just create muscle all over, but they help amplify fat burning hormones like growth hormone, keep you feeling like you did when you were young, increase endurance and help you get stronger, and become muscular.

You must have a meal before and after a workout. These meals need to have the right nutrients in them in order to boost your workout by giving you energy and helping you recover from a workout by delivering the optimum balance of nutrients to your muscles. Get this right and your muscles will experience explosive growth and building muscle will become a cinch!