Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Employing testosterone replacement therapy to deal with male menopause is an accepted remedy for this condition associated with a drop in testosterone levels and can help you recover the He-Hormone that makes you who you are. Among the candidates for therapy are those who suspect themselves to be testosterone deficient.
Though there is not a universally accepted number that indicates abnormally low testosterone, most physicians agree that a "normal" level will range between 300 and 1000 nanograms per deciliter.

In the recent years however, testosterone had been causing a stir on the world of medical treatment. It had been a hotly debated topic among medical experts and a subject of various research and studies. Specifically, testosterone replacement therapy is the one that is drawing much attention.

Normal levels of testosterone are extremely important to maintain good health. However, the production of testosterone tends to decrease with age. With the help of testosterone replacement therapy, you can set your testosterone levels to normal again. It always helps to consult your doctor to judge if you are a right candidate for the therapy. With breakthroughs in medical science, it is easier than ever to test your testosterone levels and find the best effective therapy.

The decrease in number of testosterone results to various health risks and numerous body changes. These results can slow you down in performing your daily activities if not totally stopping you from fulfilling them. In general, testosterone deficiency will negatively affect your well-being and will keep you from living a quality life.

One indication of the rising awareness to the effects of testosterone deficiency is the booming of testosterone replacement therapy. It is now being considered by many as the ultimate solution to their long unanswered "growing old problems". And who knows, this might also be the therapy that you just need to get yourself back to what it used be on some degree.

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Fall in the production of testosterone contributes to these problems in a big way. This is when doctors recommend testosterone replacement therapy. The average age of men seeking relief from these symptoms ranges from forty to seventy five, which only goes to prove how popular these therapies are.

Oral form is one of the least popular ways of administering testosterone, because the liver ends up metabolizing most of the testosterone, and only a small amount is left over to be circulated in the body. It can also have more side effects because it is more likely to affect the body's serum lipids in pill form.
The pills method also has its problems, because the digestive process. Taking pills causes a mass flood of testosterone to be sent to the liver, which is not about it and metabolizes it into estrogen which defeats the whole purpose. The bottom-line is that you are swallowing a lot more testosterone than ever enters your bloodstream.

With the right information and knowing your needs, you can find specialized services from experienced medical professionals who use a personal approach in helping people to attain better health. Seeking the right advice first is however very important so that you can fully understand your needs.