Top Methods To Cure Tooth Pain | Home Remedies for a Toothache


Toothache occurs when the food we eat is sensitive to the teeth. When the enamel of your teeth weakens, your tooth may turn sensitive to hot or cold foods. So, in such cases you should avoid taking the foods/drinks that is sensitive to your tooth.

Tooth Brushing

Start brushing your teeth two times a day as sometimes the cause of pain can also be cavities that form due to food particles sticking in between the gaping. This will help in getting rid of the food that you eat and eventually the cavity will fill up with calcium formation.

Lukewarm Water

Rinsing the mouth properly to cure tooth painMake sure that you rinse your mouth properly with warm water so that the foul smell can also go away. Rinsing is considered to be a very crucial step as it helps you get rid of the food particle without the slightest sensation of pain.

Gargling With Salt Water

Warm up half a glass of water and pinch some regular salt into it for gargle. Gargling with salt water is very healthy for the throat as well as your mouth as it washes away all foul smell from the root which will also help you strengthen your confidence around your folks.Gargling with salt water solution, giving ice pack massage, keeping the tea pack on the affected area are some of the homely methods to get instant relief from toothache.

Clove To Cure Tooth Pain

Clove is also a very trusted home remedy for curing tooth pain as its juices are soaked by the gums that give a sensation of relief to the roots if there is a dislocation in the tooth.

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