Summer Free For All- Follow These Tips

Summer brings in lot of fun and activities among people. This is the time when everyone wants to enjoy and be free of wearing anything, eat everything and go anywhere their heart takes. But the harsh reality is that the heat makes people exhausted and tired. Sun burn or tan skin prevents people stepping out if their home.

Here we give you some simple tips to follow to beat the heat and enjoy the summer.

What to do? How to do?

One may think what to do in sunny days and how, but there are many ways through which we can enjoy ourselves:-

Pool Party- One can do a family gathering or party with friends near the pool side area. Stay in the water and have some cool refreshments enjoy the heat.

Go to Beach- Going to beach in summer will energies and helps to do different activities. Being on the beach one can go for sunbath but before doing that it is necessary to apply sunscreen as sun may tan the skin or burn it.

Street Freak- Go out on street without being worried of sweating or getting tan skin. Wear tan tops, shorts in case of girls and for boys wear a sando tee with trouser,etc. Apply plenty amount of sunscreen lotion and carry umbrela to get double protection from getting taned. For sweat control apply sweat shield as it helps in controlling sweats.

Beat the Heat- One may think summer can make people fall sick and irritating at times, but the catch is if someone knows the right way to deal with scorching heat then he or she can enjoy the summer at their best. Knowing the correct do's and dont's will help in dealing the problems related to summer. Some of these beneficial tips are as follows:-

Tips for Girls:

1. Drink plenty of water as the body gets dehydrated in summer.

2. One must make sure while going out in heat one must apply sunscreen on face and if wearing shorts and sleeveless, apply the sunscreen on body as well in order to protect the body and face from getting tanned.

3. Keep an umbrella to use it as a double protective shield for the skin from getting burned.

4. Eat lots of fruits, especially cucumber as it contains 90% of water and helps in detoxifying the body. It also prevents the body from getting heated up and keeps you cool.

5. Many girls tend to sweat a lot. In that case apply some talcom powder or  deo that comes in with body odour/ sweat control facility.

6. Girls with oily skin can keep wet tissues and those with dry skin can apply some moisturising cream, which will not make the skin too dry or oily.

Tips for Boys:

1. Boys tend to sweat a lot more than girls. In that case wearing sweat t-shirts controls the body ouder as well the sweat a bit, if not completely.

2. Wear Loose Clothes to let the air pass as that will make you feel comfortable.

3. There is no harm in carrying an umbrella being a boy. Avoiding sun burns is more important.

4.Keep Tissue to Avoid Dullness on Face.

5. Must drink a lot of water.

We all love summer but what we hate is the scorching heat and it's annoying itchiness over the body. But if taken care of the situation then summer can be enjoyed equally like the other seasons.