Social Media Marketing - A Need of the Future and Pivot of the DigitalIndia

Social Media Marketing is introduced to fetch website traffic by implementing various activities on social media platforms including Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Social Media Marketing runs solely on ‘search,’ and on the internet, a few search engines are available such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.; by optimising search engines, a website can gain a huge traffic. But gaining website traffic is not everybody’s cup of tea; it requires specialists.
Social Media Optimization is a perfect union of Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media. The sole purpose of Social Media Optimisation is to bring organic, free, and natural traffic to the website, to bring the organic and natural traffic, it requires perfect skills, and to enhance these skills numerous Social Media Marketing courses in Chandigarh and other cities of India are available.

Social Media Marketing and Optimization Program

A few online free and paid Social Media Marketing training courses in Chandigarh are available. Amongst the free Social Media Marketing training courses include:
  • Digital Storytelling and Social Media
  • Hubspot’s Inbound Training Program and Certification
  • Social Media Quickstarter
  • Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business
  • Diploma in Social Media Marketing
These free Social Media Marketing training courses are perfect for beginners, they provide all the basic details about how to use Social Media to gain organic and free traffic to your website. One can learn about Tweeting techniques; how to create a Facebook page; how to create a LinkedIn page; Blogging; YouTube; Email writing, etc.

Paid Social Media Marketing training courses such as Search Engine Optimisation Certification Course; Search Engine Marketing Course; Social Media Marketing Certification Course; Email Marketing Certification Course; Inbound Marketing Certification Course; Web Analytics Certification Course, and Mobile Marketing Certification Course. There are a few training centres available, which offer these Social Media Marketing courses in Chandigarh or else one, can opt for online Social Media Marketing training courses. Usually, online courses are convenient for most of the people because one can choose timings as to the leisure of himself / herself, but for some, classroom environment is more convenient than online webinars.

Paid Social Media Marketing training courses should be preferred because they provide certification, reviews and recommendations, which online free Social Media Marketing training courses cannot provide, and certification is the only requirement, which can fetch a job in the respective field.

Who Should Attend Advance SMM and Optimization Program?

Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimisation programs are particularly designed for those who are interested in such programs, be it a fresher, graduates, post-graduates or housewives who are willing to work from home. In Chandigarh, there are a lot of graduates, post-graduates who have done their education from the IT or Computer background. For better career opportunities, students of IT & Computer must opt for one of the Social Media Marketing courses in Chandigarh or other cities of India. Housewives or any other who prefer to work from home must choose a proper Social Media Marketing training course, in which, training on Blog-writing, Copywriting is provided. Web designing is also one of the preferable courses, which provides convenience to developers to work as to the leisure.

Benefits of SMM and SMO Training Program

Social Media Marketing helps you to reach the target audience, it helps to get connected with the direct customer, you can read, re-tweet their tweets, allow them to comment on Facebook page which helps to know about the customer’s direct feedback. With the help of Social Media Marketing, you can respond to customer’s feedback immediately, hence, resolution of the problem takes place quickly. Advance Search Engine techniques can bring huge traffic to the website, consequently, more sales and more profit. Hence, SMM and SMO training programs are available to lessen the chances of errors in reaching the target audience, increase the traffic of a website and increase the scope of more earnings.

Drawbacks SMM and SMO Training Program

Techniques of advanced SEO, SMM, and SMO requires a lot of practice and professionalism. A Proper set of keywords and engaging posts either on Facebook or Twitter do not have the substitute. To bring traffic to the website, advance Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Optimisation must be done in the correct manner to avoid error-free Social Media Marketing, otherwise, it would cost you as a loss of followers. Hence, training programs must be provided with precise training module, and training centres provide such course for Social Media Marketing in Chandigarh including other cities of India.

What Will You Learn?

Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization training programs help you to learn various advanced SEO techniques; SMO techniques; Blog-writing; Copywriting; Email and Affiliate Marketing Assessment; How to use Twitter; Podiatric - Publish Your Podcasts to the Web; Assessment Module; Facebook - Creating Personal Profile; Facebook - Creating Facebook Page of the Company; Facebook - Increasing traffic to Facebook pages; LinkedIn; Google+; Legal Implications of Social Media; Online Personal Branding; Professional Email Writing.

Even if you are writing your own blog, tweeting your own tweet, promoting yourself on Facebook, Social Media Marketing has all of the solutions for your problems. The distinctive use of #hashtags and keywords can bring you a huge traffic.


Social Media does not limit to the social purposes; it has become professional now. It renders a platform to promote your own brand on the Internet and get connected to direct customers. Social Media Marketing encourages customers to write and post their feedback on Social Media, which is an indirect way of promotion of your own brand.


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Digital Marketing is a kind of marketing strategy that relies on electronic medium like television, internet and mobile in promoting a product. It delivers incredible result to the business owners to boost their business online presence and enjoy maximum leads.
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