Home Remedies For Nasal Congestion | Ways to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Quickly

There are not too many people that are not stricken by nasal congestion at least once a year of their adult life.  It is so common a malady that people have successfully tired out some simple and easy home remedies For Nasal Congestion to combat it.  Listed out below are some easy to follow steps that could mitigate this so common a malady that occurs with each change of season.

Steam Inhalation

This could well be the most simple of solution to a congested nasal region.  With most people just the inhalation of steam using a steamer machine or just by being under a thick towel with hot steaming water beneath, could well turn out the simplest of solutions.  The intensity of steam can be easily controlled and best results are achieved by using as thick a steam stream as possible. 

A good number of users do add a few drops of oils like that of the Eucalyptus or even some plain old Vicks to the water used in steaming, and this has had a good effect on the condition.  But just plain steam would work on most occasions and is as effective as well.

Nasal Irrigation

When congestion are so acute that passage of steam and other medications become difficult, then the nasal irrigation is to be attempted.  In this method, saline water is made to flow through the nostrils to decongest and make free the nasal paths.  There are elaborate utensils that are often used but a simple saline nasal spray could well serve the purpose. 

Most effective nasal sprays are to be had at the nearest chemist.  That the sprays and drops are marketed under various brand names and with large amounts of money for their promotion; it is after all just a nasal drops, nothing more.

Use Of Garlic

One of the best known home cures for a nasal congestion is the use of garlic.  The easy availability of this condiment has only added to the popularity of this time tested method of decongesting noses.  With added medicinal properties of garlic has only endeared the use of this common onion variety, to all.

It is possible to get hold of this condiment at the nearest shopping mall and at most groceries. The easy availability is one of the main factors of its usage as a nasal decongestant and its medicinal value is not to be taken lightly.


There could no denying the healing powers of ginger that people have been using  this small root for a long time to decongest as well as for its other medicinal values.  Commonly occurring in the tropics, the ginger plant is found in the back yards of most Asian homes.  The well documented properties that help disinfect the area has only brought into focus the all too well known ginger. 

Rarely has there been a dish in Asian homes that did not use Ginger.  So overpowering is the medicinal property that large tomes have been written in favor of this lowly root that has since been introduced to western cultures as well. 


What people though as a minor irritant, the nasal congestion, can be treated effectively by the use of some commonly occurring home remedies.  Often it is the tackling of the nasal congestion at the early stages that would lead to the successful removal of the irritant.  Most people would stick to the method that worked on them specifically for nasal congestion each time.