10 Amazing Ideas Adding River Rocks To Your Home Design

If you are looking for home decor pieces then river rocks are one option. You may be wondering how these rocks can raise your interior design level. But when you will include them you will be amazed to see the change in your room. There are different shapes, colors, sizes of river rocks. You can choose according to the area or space you want to use in.

Where we can add river rocks for home decor?

Here some of the areas of home discussed where you can use river rocks for home decor.

1. Garden

You can enhance the beauty of your garden with beautiful river rocks. The green texture of your garden will look more amazing with these beautiful rocks. If you have large area of garden and wondering to add something to it then it will be best option.

2. Living Room Table

You can add beautiful river rocks to the glass living room table or dining table. It will look great and attractive and surely all your guest going to ask about this.

3.Under the Sink Counter

It will be the great combination of water and river rocks in your house. Hence you can add river rocks under you sink counter.

4. Table Lamp Decoration

Table lamb with river rock decoration will give ethnic look to your room. Light from your river rock lamp will beautify your room with its glow.

5.Bathroom Mirror Decoration

You can add river rocks to the boundary of the mirror and make it look more pleasing. It will also enhance the beauty of your bathroom.

6.Glass Floor with Rocks

Some of the area of your home can be designed with glass floor embedded with rocks that will enhance the beauty. It will increase the grace of your floor.

7. Rock pots

If you want to enhance the beauty of pots then add some rocks around the pot. It will complete your pot corner with river rocks.

8. Photo Frames

Photo frames with decorated boundaries using river rocks looks really very superb. It will raise the beauty of your photo.

9. Door Mats

You can design your own door mats with rock stones. Just paste rocks of different shapes in the shape of mat as required.

10.Rock Made Holder

River rock can be used to make the rock holder. It will give designer look. The holder can be used for your makeup brushes.