How do I Make Money with Google AdSense?

AdSense is a pay-per-click program i.e. you get paid for genuine ad click; cost per click for different ad may differ. Advertiser advertises their products here and Google AdSense display same ads which are received through the Adwords program.

Some Basic rules of thumb from my experience:

First of all you have to be approved for Google AdSense. To getting approved you must folllow these steps: Create a Valuable and Good Looking Site, Be Smart with Your Ads.Google AdSense is a great way to generate extra income. You do not have to do anything more than set up a website and ensure that you have a steady flow of viewer traffic.

·         Blog/website
·         High quality contents with image
·         Important pages and widgets Like “Contact us - Privacy Policy - About us”
·         Use formats that advertisers use the most: 728x90 , 300x250 and 160x600.
·         Go for contrast on dark backgrounds on your ad units; go for colors that blend with lighter backgrounds.
·         Keep changing ad unit locations every month. 
·         Try to research on the high paying keywords in your niche.
·         Increase your earning by adsense through Competitor Annalise. CPC is very low in India when compared to USA, UK, Canada etc.
·         Focus on increasing page views by generating quality content and thereby increasing overall as impressions.
·         When ads are seen or clicked, you’ll automatically earn money.
·         Look at the CTR and eCPM for your top pages.
·         Do  more SEO to gain rankings in Google
·         Use more Images & videos
·         Use Responsive Blogger Template.
·         Try choosing the right niche. So, if you go for high paying niches, you can even get around $100 per click!

From all around the world, over 2,000,000 small and large publishers use AdSense to earn money through advertising. If you check on youTube you'll find advice from several people who claim to be making hundreds of dollars a day with AdSense.

You'll also need to experiment with ad placement on blogs other content. The cost per click on an ad is determined by advertisers who compete for placement on search results pages.

You can apply for one by following these simple instructions:
    Sign up for Google AdSense
    Check out the Google AdSense tour

Note: If you do faulty tricks, you will get your account disabled.

The Best way to Monetize would be:
1. Selling own products on the site.
2. Affiliate sales.
3. Selling own services.

Now google adsense day by day difficult to approve you google adsense account because of people spam the other people content. I have 8 years of experience with Adsense. But still I don't make much money with Adsense. I have not done any SEO and I just promote my content in my social circles. The only thing you need is better planning and execution, hard work, determination and passion for blogging about your topic or niche. So if you are searching for other ways to make money or adsense alternative try alternatives of Google AdSense

Now days, Adsense adds a new feature called ‘Auto Ads’. What it means is you just need to select the type of Ads you want to display on your website and place a snippet of code into your website’s header.
·         Now you don’t need to create individual Ads.
·         You don’t need to struggle to find where to insert Ads.
·         No need of worry of Policy violation in terms of placement

Look at the heavy hitters in adSense Top 10 Highest AdSense Earners in the India:
1.      Amit Agarwal an Indian blogger,Site name is Digital Inspiration and the URL is Labnon.
2.      Harsh Agrawal Bloggers for ShoutMeLoud - Shouter Who Inspires
3.      Imran Uddin founder and CEO of Alltehcmedia
4.      Amit Bhawani write on niche topic gadget, technology and Blogging.
5.      Pankaj Agarwal Bloggers – Clickindia Classifieds,Free Classified Ads,Buy Sell Classified Ads
6.      Raju PP Bloggers – Technology Personalized
7.      Arun Prabhudesai Bloggers – - Business of Tech, Mobile & Startups in India
8.      Jaspal Singh Bloggers – SaveDelete - Blogging, SEO, Computer Tips & Tricks
9.      Rohit Langde Bloggers – Blogsolute - We. Computer. People
10.  Harleena Singh Bloggers – Welcome to Aha!NOW

I recommend that you learn SEO as it is an important part of website marketing. Buying a site from Flippa that is already earning from AdSense. It’s a good investment. There is no limit on how much you can make! If you have good and quality traffic, you can make $10, $100 or even $10000 a month! A good blogger can easily make thousands of dollars in a day, and an average blogger can make minimum $50 a day. The more traffic you get on your website/ blog the more income you generate. Remember post a lot of quality content on your website/blog. Every time when someone clicks onto your link or ad on your site, you make money. Update your blog on regular. Register on Adsense And Start Earning Huge

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