How To Increase Website Traffic Without Building Links Or Adding New Content

Perform SEO for Your Website

If your website has serious SEO problems, it'll keep your organic traffic from growing not with standing what quantity content you publish. Therefore, rather than writing a replacement blog post, it will usually be an honest plan to perform SEO instead.

To do so, at the smallest amount cross-check the following:

1. Check Google Search Console — Look out for issues like crawl errors, 404s, sitemap problems, and blocked pages. Fix any problems you'll notice.

2. Consider your analytics — Check pages per session, bounce rate, and user flow. Is there the way to boost your website structure to serve your guests better?

3.Run a speed check — Input your website into Google’s Page Speed Insights and take a look at to implement the maximum amount of the loading of your website.

4. Run a Mobile-friendly check — Use any Google tool to check however your website is ready to perform for mobile devices. Mobile traffic is growing day by day, and a website that isn’t mobile-friendly can get prohibited from mobile search results. 

5. Optimize pictures — With SEO-optimized views you'll use in many new guests from Google image search. Check a minimum of the images in your most significant content.

6. Hear your SEO plugin — If you utilize associate SEO plugin like Yoast SEO, check for posts with an SEO score and see however they'll be improved. Also, consult the content analysis section of your older posts to check if they'll be improved.

Update Your Old Post

It’s no secret that Google loves content that's up to this point. However, up to this point doesn’t get to mean new. It may mean associate updated version of an existing associate piece of content. By adding data like a replacement introduction, recent knowledge, further image material or the rest that improves your existing content, you'll provide it with a bump in the search results. Plus, if you modify the commercial enterprise date, the post in question can retreat up to the highest of your journal and conjointly update the time within the search results.

Email Marketing

Many of them on top of techniques also will yield prime material for newsletters. You've got a story sign-up type on your website. If not, now could be the time to implement one. Email newsletters square measure a promoting tool with one in all the best ROIs out there. After all, they sure you with their email address.However, don’t merely send any email to induce them to return to your website. Please make sure your email is chock jam-packed with valuable content, although it's repurposed or curated. At the identical time, take care to supply a link back to yours.

Social Media

Social media is another excellent way to build website traffic while not making further content. Facebook alone has quite one and 0.5 billion users, followed by Instagram at 400 million and Twitter with 300million.

If you're able to attract a number of these solely, it may end up during an essential increase in traffic to your WordPress website.