How to Submit Your Website to Search Engines

How to Submit your website in Google? Add URL to Google

If you want to index your blog in Google first, you have to submit your blog URL. After that, your site will start indexing in Google in the next few hours. It is very easy to submit it. Let's know

First, go to and log in with your Google Account.
• Add the URL address of your blog.
Captcha Verify. 
• Now click on Submit Request.
Now your blog will start indexing in Google within 24 hours. Next, you should verify your blog in Google webmaster so that your blog starts coming in all content search engine.

How to Submit your blog URL to Bing?

All of you know about Bing that this is also a popular search engine like Google. If you submit your blog to it and start indexing it, then good blog traffic will start coming to your blog. So you should know how to submit your blog to it.

• Add URL to your blog address. 
• Now Captcha is written in the image above to verify, just add it to the box below
• Now finally, click on Submit button.

Now your blog will soon be indexed in the Bing search engine. If you want to know it, then after some time, visit the Bing search engine and search by adding the URL of your blog after the "info:" in the search box.

How to submit your blog URL to Yahoo Let everyone know that both Bing and yaho0 are the same company. Yahoo has joined Bing since 2010. So if your site starts indexing bing once, indexing itself in yaho0 will also happen. Below we are telling you about verifying the blog in yahoo webmaster. Once you verify your blog in Yahoo Webmaster, then there will be no need to verify in the Bing webmaster. Because the webmaster of the two search engines is the same.

Step 1: First go to and click on "Submit Your Site For Free."

Step 2: Now click on Login in this page and log in and if your account is not already registered then register and login.

Step 3: Now add the URL address of your blog to this page, then enter the Sitemap URL and click "All Day Default."

Step 4: Now there are several methods to verify the blog in this page, but we are talking about verifying from another method.

1. Here are the meta codes, copy it and add it to the of your blog.
2. Now click Verify.

Your blog has now been verified in the Yahoo webmaster. Now yahoo crawler will index your site in some time. It may take a little more time to index all the post and pages of your site. This will cause your site bing and yahoo to show in both search engines.

This way you can submit your blog URL to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You know that this is the most popular search engines right now. Moreover, in our India, there is no other search engine used than this. So you do not even need to submit to other search engines right now.