How Does Hair Oil Reduce Hair Fall?

Before we can think about the treatment first we have to find out the root cause of the problem to cure it properly. Yes even in case of hair fall first we need to find out what is causing the hair to fall. The outcome can be the same as hair fall but there can be various reasons that one is experiencing hair fall. A large number of a problem can be related to the health issues and a few other can be the ignorance. The latter results in issues like dandruff, itching, scalp infection, dryness, frizziness, dullness, split end, etc.

Many of these hair problems can be treated with just one product, that is hair oil which can provide all the nutrients to keep the scalp hydrated and healthy. If you want the best result, the hair growth oil can be the one product for you. But before going into that you should always remember a few basic tips about hair care.

Hair washes: 

Clean your hair with a mild shampoo every alternate day depending on how active you are, and your lifestyle. If you are a person who is involved in a lot of outdoor activities like exercising outdoor which accumulator lot of sweat in hair and scalp. If you work every day mostly outdoor and more on the polluted environment, then you should consider cleaning your hair with a good shampoo every day. If you are someone who is mostly indoor and your hair is not that oily you may clean shampoo twice or thrice in a week.

Good diet: 

Remember prevention is always better than cure. So, a healthy balanced diet filled with micronutrients and essential amino acid and protein will ensure a stronger hair and healthy scalp. Also, proper hydration by drinking a lot of water immensely helps in skin and hair issues. Water helps in flushing out the bad toxins from our body which can cause skin and hair rated issues. Adding an adequate amount of protein in your diet not only ensure better muscle growth in your body but also will help in your hair growth as proteins are the building block for your hair.

Use of natural product: 

Always prefer natural best product for your skin care and hair treatment. Every product provides you with the best result when they are in their natural and purest form, without any added chemicals. Like preservatives or coloring's and fragrance.

Finding and treating internal issues: 

If you have any internal problem like liver issues or thyroid related issues you should consult with the doctor and take proper medication for that particular problem. Once that problem will be taken care the external effects like skin issues or hair loss will also be taken care simultaneously.

How Does Hair oil work Preventing Hair Fall?

Hair oil like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil almond oil, argan oil etc is packed with Vitamin E, proteins, Folic acid, Omega 3 and other nutrients. With regular massage to the scalp with these oils, they penetrate deep into the skin and reach to the hair roots and new hair follicles which help them to grow faster and stronger. And stronger hair means lesser hair fall.

One of the major hair falls causing reason is dandruff and skin infections on the scalp. Hair oils like almond oil Amla oil, neem oil lemongrass oil can fight with the bacteria and fungus which causes dandruff and skin infections.

Applying hair oil on a regular interval will ensure smooth tangle free hair. Hair roots are quite fragile after hair wash because they become a bit lose after hair wash. So, while trying combing and trying to make the hair tangle free can put a lot of force on hair roots causing it to break loose. Hair oil can ensure smooth gliding of hair brush ensuring less hair fall.

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