4 Crucial Questions to Ask when Choosing your Granite Worktops

Granite worktops are durable, stain resistant and heat resistant. But, before you investing in this beautiful stone, know a few facts about the stone and how to purchase it! 

When you walk in a residential apartment, modern home, luxury suites, doctors, or a hotel room, most of them have granite countertops. It is a universally sought-after countertop material due to its unfathomable benefits. It makes kitchen spaces lively, welcoming, and elegant. Blue pearl granite worktops are common in luxurious hotels while the decor of the home determines the trend for granite worktops in residential homes. As you choose granite worktops, ask yourself the following questions. 

Should you test the Granite sample at Home? 

This is important as it allows you to see the material in its expected position. The lighting, surrounding features, and unique characteristics of your kitchen influence the outcome of granite worktops. 

Do not make a rash decision when choosing the countertop; remember it’s a long-term investment. If you feel the material will not provide the results you are looking for, do not hesitate to change the block selected. You need to be in a kitchen of your dreams so get the right granite worktop. 

Which types are good for me?

Granite blocks are sold as slabs. Tile slabs look like tiles so they have visible grout lines. As for solid granite, the grout lines are countable. 

Granite blocks have three main patterns; speckled, marbled and solid. Marbled granite provides the best way to transition between colour and texture. Speckled granite is bold and it has different colour and texture variations. Most contemporary homes with stainless steel appliances or accent cabinets look good in speckled granite. Solid granite has minimal pattern variation. This makes it a perfect choice for small kitchens. 

Could I see the whole granite slab? 

When granite suppliers display the material, they only show a piece of it. When buying granite, it is not good to make a decision based on the small pieces displayed. This is because granite blocks are different. When granite is extracted, the piece differs in pattern and texture. You might like a sample, but when you see the granite block, your opinion might change. This is why you must request the supplier to provide slabs and not pieces when choosing granite countertops

There are many designs and complexions of granite countertops. The appearance is different as there are light and dark coloured blocks. If you have a small kitchen, choose light coloured granite. It makes small spaces appear larger. The granite is good for kitchens that do not receive much natural light. Dark coloured granite is good for contemporary kitchens with brightly coloured cabinets. 

How do I ensure it keeps looking good?

Granite is a durable and robust material that can withstand high amounts of heat. When exposed to heat, the material does not crack. Although it is strong, avoid placing very hot pans on it directly. Do not cut vegetable with a sharp object directly on the worktop as it can leave scratches. Sealing granite makes it stain resistant. To avoid a build-up of dirt, clean the worktop every day with soapy water. Clean up spills immediately and avoid pouring acidic liquids like orange juice and wine. Acid can stain your granite worktop and can mar the look of your beautiful stone.