Wedding Planning Blunders – Avoid These Mistakes While Planning for Your Big Day

Every couple wants their wedding to be magical and enchanting. There are some things which are inevitable and you have no control over like unexpected rain, storm etc. But rest of the things you can absolutely control on your wedding day, like managing the budget, wedding venue, wedding outfit, and various other things.

In this post, we are going to state most common wedding planning mistakes which you should avoid at any cost for making your wedding flawless and remembered till ages.

1. Blowing Your Budget

Perhaps the most common wedding planning mistake that majority of the couple ends up committing. If you don’t have a pre-defined budget for all the wedding aspects like a wedding venue, outfit, makeup, catering, photography, you will end up blowing all of your money which you could have utilized to manage other things. Have a specific budget for everything and try your level best not to spend beyond that.

2. Avoiding Backup Plan for Rain

If you are planning for the outside wedding, you must have a fully-fledged and strong backup rain plan. Too many couples are full of hope that rain will not occur on their wedding day and they don’t make deposits for tents and umbrellas. When rain happens, it literally spoils everything and embarrasses them in front of the guests. In case of the outdoor wedding, book wedding tents 2-3 months prior to the wedding.

3. Skipping Wedding Planner

If you think you can manage every aspect of the wedding on your own and doesn’t need any wedding planner, you are making a huge mistake. The best wedding planners in Bangalore take the burden of everything on their shoulder and ensure you are savoring the joy of your special day to the fullest. In the absence of a professional wedding planner, you will hustle hard to manage everything and quite possible you may end up ruining plethora of things.

4. Sending Invitation Too Early

Yes, it’s your wedding and you are pretty excited to send a wedding invitation to all of your loved ones as soon as possible. Life is full of unexpected moments. Sending your wedding invitations too early could be a big mistake because who knows what might happen before your wedding. Send the invitations 1-2 months prior to your wedding and prepare a list of guests to whom you want to invite.

5. Trying to Please Every Guest

It is a good thing that you want to make sure every guest and family member is having a great time at your wedding. Contemplating too much about whether your guests are enjoying the function or not can put you under a lot of stress. As long as there is good arrangement at your wedding, every guest will celebrate the function to their heart’s content. Just relax and stir yourself with everyone.

6. Hiring an Amateur DJ instead of Professional

In a wedding, when it comes to music, telling your friend to play the music instead of hiring a professional DJ is more like hiring an Instagrammer for the photo shoot instead of a professional photographer. Maybe your friend has an amazing playlist but it doesn’t mean he has the experience to understand the audience mood and knowledge of which song to play at the right time. You better hire a professional DJ for the music ceremony and ensure everyone enjoys the event to the fullest.

If you are experiencing difficulty in finding a professional DJ, don’t worry. There are various online wedding markets like Shaadidukaan prevailing on the internet where you can find the top-rated wedding DJ at a budgeted price. Hire the right professional and make you Sangeet ceremony a music-studded affair.