Positive Parenting Tips and Techniques Every Parent Should Know


Children need love and attention. At their age, parents are more concerned and caring towards all their requirements. This is the same age where parents need to be strict and encourage good thoughts and manners.

Positive parenting is an equilibrium between being loving and disciplined. Raising a child can be difficult, but with a positive attitude towards your child, you can help them teach the right habits. Being too lenient with your kids can ruin their future and make them stubborn because everybody knows How smartphone addiction stolen childhood.

Many companies have designed kids control app with the same mindset. These apps are designed to secure kids and monitor the activities on their gadgets without grabbing the devices away from them. Makes sense?

Important aspects for best parenting

Positive parenting starts with having the right attitude towards your kids. Here are five ways you can indulge in positive parenting towards your kids, especially teens;

1. Respect is the key in all relationships. If you give respect to your kid’s opinion, they will respect yours. Your kids need to learn to respect others and receive respect in return.

2. Communication is a crucial component of a parent and kid relationship. Your kids will open up to you only when communication is encouraged at home. Be it bad or good news, communicate with honesty.

3. Self-esteem is not built in a single day. Learn to appreciate your kids’ action.

4. Expectations set by you need to be realistic and specific. Clarity on expectations is easier for both parent and kids.

5. Empathy should not be mistaken with sympathy. Being understanding towards your kid’s situation by placing yourself in their shoes is empathy.

10 Positive Parenting tips for today’s parents

We understand the bitterness kids develop in today’s world. Children can get aggressive and angry on small issues, and this can spark unnecessary quarrel at home.

1. Speak at eye level

Maintain eye contact with your kids when speaking. Your kids will understand better and be attentive.

2. Let your kids express

Art of listening is bigger than speaking! Allow your kids to talk honestly. If they know they can open up, they will share a transparent relationship with you.

3. Appreciate the good things

Appreciating your kids is vital. More you make them realize their positive aspects, more they learn to improve the negative traits.  Appreciation does not only mean saying “good.” Once in a while openly express the specific reason why you appreciate your kid.

4. Give valid reasons

Gone are those days when saying “Because I said so...” had an impact on kids. You need to present a valid argument to convince your kid to follow your instructions.

If you need to make your kids follow screen time restrictions, explain the health hazards or show some examples. Answer their questions accurately, only then will they respect your instruction.

5. Give warnings

Giving warnings is equally essential for kids. What words you use is critical.

For example, saying “After watching TV, we will clean the living room” or “We will clean our room after finishing the ice-cream.” Add the motivation and warning in the same sentence to get positive results. 

6. Have a positive tone

Have a positive aspect towards situations. It is essential for your kids to see the positive side of circumstances. Kids learn by watching parents; they will act positively when parents react positively.

7. Keep your word

Let’s say you promise your kid to get a bicycle if they pass their exams with flying colors. Keep your word and buy that bicycle you promised!

They will learn to take up challenges as well as learn to keep their word with others.

8. Do not be serious all the time

Humour is a great instrument to connect with anyone. Imagine the effect it will have on kids?

Share funny moments with your kids and learn to talk funnily once in a while. Do not turn every conversation into a serious one, learn to tackle specific demands and tantrums with humor. Your kids will pacify quickly without feeling shattered.

9. Set good examples

Our kids are our reflection.

Do not stay on the phone the entire day. If they find you texting on your phone, they will do the same. On the other hand, if they see your reading books, they will automatically inculcate the habit of reading. Always lead by example!

10. Discipline your kids when required

Maintaining discipline is vital. Once in a while, your child needs a dose of harsh words to stay in order. This is applicable in the real and virtual world.  Get Parental control apps to keep a check on your kids’ virtual life. 

Positive Parenting in the digital world

Kids spend a considerable chunk of their day in the virtual world. Parents cannot snatch gadgets from kids, but they have the right to maintain ground rules.

Applications like Bit Guardian Parental Control App are designed with the intention to give access to limited access in the digital world, ensuring digital devices do not spoil kids’ health and regular routine.

Positive parenting is the new way to connect to your kids and not cross the thin line. Take more efforts towards positive parenting and see fantastic results!


Kelsey said…
Such a nice information on parenting tips, For Now days every parents need this to good child care.
Rum Tan said…
Great to read the positive parenting tips towards students. Every parents,want the best for their children, and they put all the effort in to make the future of child. Thank you so much for sharing these tips and way to stay positive as a parent. Every parent has their own way to discipline their child during times when they rebel or do something wrong.