10 Practical Suggestions for MBA Thesis

The programs of MBA have become an essential tool in channeling the masters of the business program and students from all over the world apply for these programs and tried their luck in completing their masters with full devotion, hard work and persistent attitude to cater the needs of the MBA programs in the long run. These MBA programs aim to enhance the daily activities of the business concerning the current study of the market and consumers approach.

Here are the few topics in which you develop a good thesis topic based on the Masters of the business program.

1. Business Management:

This topic is related to the core study of the business study and its problems addressed to the management of the innovation and their organizational structure heading with the business perspectives. The main aim of this study is to study the role of the leadership and the organizational performance of the study which has good corporate practices and has the various environmental issues addressing the problems of the business with the broad expansion of the corporate social responsibilities and its strategies.


The core strategy of finance is to attract investors in terms of devising the investment strategies for a certain project and to find the reasons for the failure of marginal financing in some countries. It is one of the techniques of finding ways of allocating the assets in terms of bonds and stocks. 

3. Marketing dissertation:

It involves the broadening concept of advertising and its effects on consumer behaviors in the marketing sector. However, the students of the MBA program can hire the freelancers of providing the thesis writing services UAE to write a good dissertation about the scope of the advertising in the modern world. 

4. Accounting thesis:

It proposes the fact that the banking sector influences the economic growth in the number of ways. Moreover, it addresses the problems of the common communicative issues of the investors and the top executives. These issues are faced by the beverage and food industry of the United States.

5. Economics:

In this section, the study of the economics will collaborate the impacts of economic growth, macroeconomics and its influence on the exchange rates and about the perspectives and implications of economic growth. 

6. Management of the Technology: 

It indicates that the effective use of information technology and the application of the geographic information system is essential for the task of job management.

7. Management of Human Resources: 

It implies that the use of a qualified professional where different methods and strategies are used to judge the commitment of the employees and the scope of human resource management in the broader sense. It validates to the point that the reasons for finding the importance of the management of human resources and its role in making the progressive elements towards the benefits of a company.


It proposes that the use of effective data analysis for the use of e-commerce government institutions and to maintain consumer satisfaction utilizing devising electronic shopping solutions.

9.The Broad Scope of an MBA degree:

The student can do ample research work on the advantages of MBA education in the American universities where there are two different ranges of the duration. The first one is the one year program, or the other one is two-year program depending upon the nature of the course and its more extensive application concerning the modern world and the range of the similarities and differences allocated in the course of the MBA education in different countries. 

10. Picking the strategy of dealing with the thesis of the MBA:

Students should form a strong network with the other class fellows, entrepreneurs and business professionals to learn about the broad concepts of the business and issues in their prospective career. This will build a strong foundation of the business community which will help the students to choose a comprehensive topic of the thesis. Moreover, they should seek the advice of choosing the faculty member as their thesis consultant, and as a result, the advisor will approve the thesis topic. 


The thesis of the MBA program has a diverse range of topics. It depends upon the students to choose their question on their background knowledge and their current interests. The idea behind the writing the thesis is to develop problem-solving skills. Another critical agenda of writing the thesis is to enrich the knowledge of the theoretical approach by solving the practical cases of the business community.

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