8 Things To Do on a Houseboat in Alleppey, Kerala

Blessed with natural beauty, Alleppey is easily one among the most preferred holiday destinations in India. The ravishing beauty of the lush greenery all around, the elegant charm of abundant water canals and the subtle chirping of vivid varieties of birds, everything about Alleppey makes you get close to nature. Like a traveler exploring places, a tourist can witness the enchanting beauty of Alleppey in its fullest, if they are making their trip in a houseboat. A perfect blend of luxury with a tinge of tranquillity, that is what Alleppey Houseboats lend.  Every holiday casts an unforgettable charm on travelers but a trip on houseboats in Alleppey will make you fall in love with the serenity of it. Although many have heard about the Alleppey boathouses, a lot have no clue about the exciting experience it will provide. Here is the list of activities which you can do in houseboats Alleppey

1. A ride through the canals

There are a set of networked canals in Alleppey across the backwaters, some narrow and some wide. Every canal is distinct in its own way. Taking a Kerala houseboat ride through these canals is sure to give you a refreshing experience.

2. Take halts

The bigger canals of Alleppey feel like Lake It is always best to make a 20-30 minute halt in between your ride to appreciate the nature all around. One can experience utmost silence and peace when they are in the middle of the water. Also, such halts can be utilized for making conversations with the guide who is traveling along with you, to know more about the Alleppey Culture.

3. Taste the traditional cuisine

Fresh seafood is one of the biggest attractions of Alleppey. Tourists can have a wide spread of seafood lunch in the houseboat itself. Getting to taste a traditional Kerala cuisine with a beautiful view is quite an experience. Vegetarian meals are also available on houseboats.

4. Get off in a nearby cafe 

While traveling through a houseboat in Alleppey, you can see a lot of restaurants and cafes on the side. Tourists can enjoy a good time by hopping off at a cafe nearby on the banks to get some quick bytes. You can get back into the houseboat after this.

5. Get Touristy

Alleppey houseboats and Kerala Houseboats are high in demand. So if you see a lot of other houseboats in your travel, don’t be surprised. You can witness different kind of houseboats with different aesthetics. Apart from the few times when you will see these houseboats, you will all alone in a huge water body in peace. So make sure you wave at the travelers coming from the other side to get a completely touristy experience.

6. Visit the paddy fields

Alleppey has a vast area covered in Paddy fields. Your houseboats would eventually pass right between the paddy fields at some point of time of your travel. Make sure that you use this opportunity to see the visual beauty of the fields, especially during harvest seasons.

7. Capture the views

Houseboats are perfect for seeing sunsets and sunrises. Capture those beautiful moments in your camera during your trip

8. Interact with the locals

Observe the lifestyle of the locals and interact with them during your trip. This is one of the most exciting parts of the trip

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