How to Choose Trusted Builders in Calicut

Building a home amidst the serenity and calmness of Calicut is a dream for the majority in Kerala. The soothing calmness and its friendly neighborhood make Calicut even more worthy for settling down. Although this wish remains in the minds of many, getting a trusted builder in a city different from yours can be quite hectic and worrisome. It is rightly said that building a dream home can be possible only if you are getting it done by the right set of people. From delaying the projects to not having enough credentials, a wrong builder can end up ruining your dreams related to a new home. Acknowledging this, we are listing few tips to choose a trusted builder in Calicut.

1. Make a comparison with their previous records

Keep a check on important details like, if they have made any delays in previous projects, for how long, the reason for those and also for how long the builders have been staying in the business. Also make sure that you check if the builder has registered under the ministry of corporate affairs, in their website. This website also gives information, if there had been issues with the apartments in Calicut.

2. Collect the financial status of the builder

It is important to be aware of your builder's financial health, their financial flow and also if they have any debts. It is always best to make deals with a builder with proper financial status.

3. Analyze the rating

A good rating is an indication of the company’s clean past record. There are certain parameters for this, and on a scale of 5, these builders are rated. Make sure that you reach out to a builder in Calicut with a good rating.

4. Check on bank loans

A bank will always do a big background check before granting loans to a building company. Hence if the builder in Calicut you are approaching is awarded loans by reputed banks that they are from descent and trustworthy companies.

5. Interior Design Services

It is always the best when your builder provides facilities to do your interiors as well. This will cut down the extra cost which is to be spent on the interiors by a third party. Hence one should make sure that your builder is offering you a custom home interior, or at least mention if they don’t provide.

6. Get a written contract

Never settle for any verbal promises made by a builder, get a contract. Make sure that every detail including date of possession and other terms of flats in Calicut are mentioned in the contract. Once you get the contract, read it carefully before signing on it.

7. Communicate

Making contacts and conversations with the recent customers of the builder of apartments in Calicut can help you gain more clarity about your purchase. They will know more about the builder, up close. Hence, make sure to keep in good touch with the customers of the builders whom you are planning to hire.

8. Check Material supply

Get an appointment in the showrooms from where the builders buy their raw materials. You can check on the quality of materials used and also get information from the suppliers about the builder’s plans. This will ensure that there had been good communication between the builder and the supplier, making their projects more trustworthy.

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