Pulse Oximeter Uses In Your iPhone

A pulse oximeter is an app mostly found in iPhones and helps in detecting oxygen saturation and heart rate. For it to collect your health personal data, place the tip of your index finger in the iPhone camera. It will analyze the data and save in simple charts in every time you need to know your body status. Pulse Oximeter Uses to know your body status at any time. 

Pulse oximeter is health check app which enables someone to know the number of hemoglobin in the blood for they are responsible for carrying oxygen, blood pressure, also determining weight and body temperatures. This app gathers information and helps someone to frequently know body changes from time to time. The data collected by this app after a body check-up is also transferred to health kits.

The data collected is analyzed and interpreted and the results comes to inform of statistical data and trend graphs. This app is not intended for medical purpose. It is mainly used by athletes especially when they are in action. They intend to know their heart rate when they are running off doing some gym exercise. For an ease use, below are the steps to follow in order to perform the checkup.

1. Turning on the app to starting calibrating. This is the first step when in need to use the app in your iPhone.

2. To proceed, place the tip of your index finger in the flash which is the camera. This goes just a short time not exceeding 2 minutes.

3. Wait for the checkup or measurements to be complete with your index finger at the flash.

4. The final step is reading the results. It will show how oxygen is saturated within your body and how your heart is functioning.

How to use a wireless pulse oximeter.

Not every pulse oximeter is manual but some are wireless and do not need to place your fingers on the flash. Herein, wireless pulse oximeter functions by casting two rays or beams of light against the most visible blood vessels or the capillaries. This mostly aims at determining oxygen saturation in the body.

Reasons to have pulse oximeter.

1. The pulse oximeter is one of the important apps to have on your phone. It can help you in different ways especially for someone suffering from asthma. These people have respiratory

problems and in case the oxygen level goes down in their body, death may occur. However, for them to avoid this they should have this app to frequently check their oxygen saturation.

2. Secondly, this app helps reduce the cost of visiting doctors frequently. As aforementioned, this app helps someone to check his/her heartbeat or heart rate just using their iPhone instead of going to the hospital. In addition, frequent checking of heart rate helps to avoid heart attack diseases.

3. This app also signals the presence of some diseases like anemia. The pulse oximeter measures oxygen saturation within the body. Oxygen saturation in the body is determined by the number of hemoglobin present in the blood. When the hemoglobin population reduces, this shows that the level of blood quantity in the body is low.

Factors that may affect pulse oximeter.

There are some factors that may hinder the proper functioning of this app. They may be either technical or factors due to interference. Below are the factors that may affect the app from proper functioning.

1. Factors due to technical interference

This failure may be due to different factors.

1. Failing to place a finger at the correct position during the test. This, in turn, makes the app unable to measure and record anything because the finger is not detected.

2. Forgetting to remove the band

Other shortcomings may arise due to factors caused by the body. Pulse oximeter may fail to read oxygen saturation when the level of blood in the body is low.

Question: What is pulse oximetry and what causes oxygen goes down?

Pulse oximetry is a test done to determine the amount of oxygen in hemoglobin carriers in the blood. Low oxygen saturation in the body may cause death. There various factors that cause low oxygen level in the body.

1. Low oxygen supply due to suffocation.

2. Respiratory problems caused by an illness like pneumonia.

3. Drowning is another cause of low availability of oxygen in the body.

4. Being choked may also cause breathing problems

Question: What should someone do if the Bluetooth fails?

Answer: When using a wireless pulse oximeter, sometimes the Bluetooth may fail. When you face this kind of problem the way forward is switching off your mobile device to restart it. After restarting your device, restart pulse oximeter too by holding down the power button.

Question: What should you do when your pulse oximeter does not respond?

Answer: This may due to low battery. When the power of your device is low, the device will not be able to for there is not enough power to support any activity. To overcome this problem, charge it using the USB cable by inserting it in the USB port.

Question: What to do when your pulse oximeter does not show results.

Answer: If the finger is wrongly placed on the flash, there will no results are seen. Proper placing of your finger, then the results will be seen.


Using pulse oximeter in your iPhone is an added advantage. This app makes you be aware of your body status. Frequent checking your oxygen saturation and heartbeat in your body helps you avoid somebody failures like heart attacks and respiratory problems. This app reduces the cost and time used infrequently visiting your doctor. 

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