Things to Do before Buying an Apartment in Trivandrum

A city away from the chaotic hustles, so beautiful and culturally rich, Trivandrum is indeed one of the top choices for settling down and making a home in Kerala. The various developmental projects happening in the city have added up to Trivandrum's charm, making it extremely desirable for living, without comprising on any living standards. Although the qualities are myriad, it is important for people coming from other cities to be completely aware of the criteria’s homes must satisfy before it is been purchased. Here is the list of things one should do and check, before buying Apartments in Trivandrum.

1. Documents

In many cases, especially in the case of ongoing projects, builders fail in providing occupancy certificates to the buyer. This can be problematic for buyers, as they might later end up facing consequences for not having an occupancy certificate. The buyers must ensure that they are provided with the same before purchasing a flat in Trivandrum. Also, the commencement and approval certificate must be provided.

2. Check on the Title

Always have a close into the title act of the apartment before signing on the agreement. This help in understanding if the builder has complete ownership over the land.

3. Research

Study about the location and its market scenario. Having a good knowledge about the sale and resale value of apartments in that particular area is very important before purchasing, even in Trivandrum. One must keep a check on the reputation of the builder, the facilities they provide, neighborhood before making the decision to purchase.

4.Size of the Property

The advertisements would always show the apartment to b huge and spacious. But when it comes to reality, the apartment might look much smaller in size. Hence before making a purchase, check on the size.

5. Check on the Marketing Techniques

Builders in cities like Trivandrum try to impress the customers by providing them with attractive 3-D models, brochures, etc. But many times, these turn out to be mere promises, much different to the reality. So before making a purchase of an apartment in Trivandrum, make sure that the builders are trustworthy and also if they are giving the facilities worth the money you are paying.

6.Home Loans and Payment Scheme

It is important to check if the luxury flat which you are purchasing in Trivandrum is approved by banks and that the builders support home loans. Buyers can find a lot of difficulty in payment if this is not checked prior to the purchase.

7. Other Projects

Before making the purchase, make sure that you check on the quality of the building. This can be done by doing research on the other projects of this builder.

8. Purchase or Rent?

Usually, people make an assumption that they can pay off their rent for the apartment in Trivandrum by using the EMI. But the rental saving when it comes to apartments is low.

9. Get a review from an expert

When you are going to make a decision, as big as buying an apartment in the capital district of Kerala, make sure that you get an expert’s advice. This will help in gaining more clarity about the apartment.

10. Keep a check on the use of Land

Check with the city plan to know about the use of that particular land zone. Make sure that it comes with a specific plan for use

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