A Trip to Singapore - Malaysia

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It is a dream for many people to go on a vacation abroad. While a few accomplish these wishes, a majority remain unsuccessful due to budget issues and time restrictions. A tour package to Malaysia and Singapore is made in such a way that it will save your time as well as money. Now isn’t that something to look forward to? Of course yes. Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is known for its splendid beaches, mesmerizing rainforests and colonial buildings. The country embraces every culture and is a mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian, European culture. Approximately 7 hours from Malaysia (By road), comes the magnificent island nation of Singapore. A global hub for education, finance, and entertainment, Singapore is a country which will astonish you with its city like a charm.

Holiday packages to Malaysia and Singapore are always in high demand. The tropical climate can be one of the reasons for this, enabling people to travel to these destinations with ease at any time of the year. Apart from this, good offers, low costs are other attractions. A tour to Singapore-Malaysia will take up to 5-6 days. You can visit almost all the significant locations in these 6 days. Costing less than 65,000, inclusive of all the expenses, a tour to Singapore-Malaysia is a must go for all travel enthusiast. Also, it would be a great and memorable start to your international trips. We are listing a few interesting places and things to do on your travel.

1. Food, Food, and more Food

Traveling is the right time to explore some scrumptious and mouth-watering delicacies along with the places that you visit. Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia is filled with a unique culture and a modern vibe. Due to this mix of cultures, Malaysian food is something to look forward to. Tourists say that one should never miss out on a Korean dinner and a Nyono Lunch, when in this marvelous place. The innumerable number of restaurants near the Petronas Twin tower and the night markets serve myriad varieties of food items, literally acting as a reflection to the south-eastern food habits and culture.

2. Experience the Malaysian culture

Malaysia is home to various Buddhist temples and ancient caves. The stunning Batu Temples, a Murugan temple and other temples like Thean Hou, Shri Maha Mariamman, and the Buddhist Maha Vihara temple are some of the main attractions of Malaysia. These are considered to be the best places to witness and understand the culture of Malaysia

3. A tour through the monuments and buildings

From Kailash Mahadev statue to visiting the golden triangle, the king’s palace, and the national museum, there are many buildings of interest to the tourists. One can spend some time watching these like the Petronas Twin Tower to appreciate the beauty of Malaysia.

4. Embrace the beauty of Singapore

Now that we have covered most of the important places in Malaysia, lets head on to the magnificent island nation of Singapore. A complete contrast to the cultural vibe in Malaysia, Singapore is known for architectural marvels and beautiful glass facades. Tourists can enjoy city life at its best in Singapore. From trying out some of the finest cuisines to spending an amazing time in the nightlife of Singapore and enjoying yourselves in the nature parks and museums, Singapore will keep you spellbound.  The botanical gardens of Singapore, the cloud forest and the supertree grove and the waterfront promenade are never to miss out on.

Amazing food, ravishing views, and unforgettable memories, the list goes on. Taking a Singapore-Malaysia tour package is sure to be worth your money. So what is the wait for? Put your traveling shoes on and enjoy yourself in these beautiful destinations. 

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