5 Ways to Make a Man Fall for You

We live in a world of competition. It's everywhere, right from the time we are born as siblings, at college for grades and in love life to keep our relationship exciting. But most of the times, irrespective of our efforts, we often fall prey to external factors such as work-life balance, attraction to another person or high aspirations to live someone else’s life. If you are worried about these factors, you must work towards bettering your relationship and keeping it safe from extra marital affair. So, if you have found the one you love and are planning to take the next step in your relationship, here are a few ways to make your man fall for you head over heels in 5 simple ways;

Make an Effort to Know Him

This is the crux of all relationships. Try to know the man you want to spend the rest of your life or at least a couple of years with. Be observational and learn about his likes and dislikes to act accordingly around him. Be his best friend first, someone he does not hesitate to call in the middle of the night to pour his heart out or go for a walk at the sight of the dawn. Be available for him always, and he shall do the same for you. 

Give him Space

For a man, his space is everything. No one likes an intrusive partner, not even women. Let him have his fun on game nights or office parties. If you show your trust, he will respect you and give you the same. Relationships are like an elastic band, the further you go, the closer you bounce back. If you want your man to fall for you, encourage him to go out with his friends or family to earn a brownie point, and well, get your much-needed space with your fun girlfriends. 

Have a Fair Share

Gone are the dates when only men use to pay for women. We live in a world constantly fighting for equality. To make a man fall for you, began to pay your half share right from the dating days. This will earn your respect and much-needed love to show him that you are not a gold digger but in for something serious. You can start by paying for your meals and later extend it to groceries or even family gifts. 

Love his Friends and Family

In today’s age, a man really needs an understanding partner who does not snatch him away from his friends and family but encourages him to be with them. If you, as a woman, aren’t comfortable with him spending a lot of time with his boys or family, be a part of it to earn a cookie in front of them as an ideal girlfriend who does not nag. With this confidence, you may later get the right to call the shots as per your convenience. 

Have Great Sex

Sex is the key to bond two individuals. Even if the relationship is boring, make your time in bed together with the most interesting one. Try new things, get some ideas from a Fifty shades novel or a cosmopolitan. Dress up for him and surprise him with a great dinner to show him that you mean business. A portrayal of efforts from your end, even if short-lived, will make him fall for you. To have a great time together, you may also plan a weekend together and talk your life out in bed. Bedroom conversations relate to partners at a deeper level and strengthen their bond. 

With these 5 simple points, you can make any man fall for you. These are no rocket science algorithms but a showcase of your efforts to know and love someone in a better way than the rest of the world. 

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