8 Best Places to Visit in Jammu and Kashmir

It is said from years that If there is heaven on earth it is only in Kashmir. But words are not enough to describe this beautiful paradise. This region is gifted with nature’s treasures which has the power to hypnotize and calm any person mind. Not only winter Jammu and Kashmir is an all-season place where most tourist spends their precious life moments such as honeymoon or family trip and make it unforgettable. Here you will get adventures in Leh, thrilling activities in Gulmarg, never-to-leave valley and terrains of Kupwa and especially detachable Srinagar. So, if you have decided on this trip and add these must-to-visit places in your J & K tour.

Jammu City

The most visited tourist place of J & K, Jammu city comprises of temples, gardens and mesmerizing architectures. The famous temples list includes Mata Vaishno Devi temple, Raghunath temple, Mahayma Temple and famous Peer Baba Dham. Its air will bind you even if you are not such a religious person. It has various other things to do like trekking, bike riding and places such as Bahu Fort, Mubarak Mandi Palace and Flower garden to visit. Here, the picture point is the aquarium of Bahu Fort and Bahu Temple.  You can get great discount on ticket booking online using goibibo offers.


Also known as a colorful city, Srinagar is the capital and one of the largest cities of J & K which will surprise you with its enormous diversity of culture and taste. Beautiful Jhelum, valleys, houses, scenery and market will melt your heart. You should start your day with a boat ride in any of the famous lake surrounded by clouds and mountain. In the daytime, you should either visit the city centre and wander in the beautiful streets enjoying local non-veg or veg kababs and cuisines or go for wildlife sightseeing in Dachigam Sanctuary.


Famous for providing the best possible drone view of Jammu, Rajouri located 150kms from Jammu should be your must-to-visit place if you love thrill trekking and worthy sceneries. The weather along with views from places like Thanamandi or KotrankaBudhal with a cup of tea is a lifetime experience. Rajouri is also famous as the Pakistani border is in its outer side. Other major places include amazingly architecture Dhanidhar Fort, Rajouri Fort and Bhavan of Balidans. You must spend at least 2-3 days here to explore full Rajouri. It has decent accommodation facilities even at the top of the hill.


Gulmarg, fully covered with snow, surrounded by white huge mountains and trees give the reason for it to be the most favourite Bollywood songs filming spot. Located just 50kms from Srinagar, it provides a huge number of ice sports such as skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and trekking. Famous peak such as Apharwat, Shark Fin is tourist’s favorite place to experience full Gulmarg eagle-eye view. There are small wooden cottages where you can stay to enjoy beautiful nights and see silvery snow, shining mountains under a clear sky.


Historical city with a lot of mysteries, Udhampur holds an important value in India’s past. The second largest city of Jammu area, Udhampur is also covered with greenly hills and gardens. Tourist first visits the Krimachi Temples and groups which are said to be here from the Mahabharata time. Udhampur also holds some of the well-preserved Mahabharata ruins. Then they proceed for the city tour in local transport or trains. Other major attraction includes astonishing Ramnagar Fort, Moungri Cave shrine and Devika river which holds major importance in Hindu mythology.


Kathua is a multi-religious place of J & K. Major covered with Sufis, Kathua has important ancient temples, forts along with beautiful gardens and peaks. Located near the riverbank, the famous temple includes Mata Sundrikote, SaptSarober, Temple Airwan and Jasrota Fort. Not only religious, but thrill-seekers also find this place amazing as there are rafting, boating and wild fishing activities happening near the river. Ujh Barrage near Ujh river is famous for its picturesque calm environment. Tourist usually comes here for a picnic or visiting Ujh Sanctuary.


You must have seen SRK’s blockbuster Jab TakHaiJaan, whose songs and the major military scene was filmed in this beautiful village Kupwara. Filled with long pine and Christmas trees on amazing naturally designed terrains and hills which is covered with greenly at the bottom and clear clouds on the top makes this place perfect for you family picnic and calm enjoyment. The surrounding Alpine and Ainch mountain range give maximum Kashmir’s top view. Tourist usually spends half of the day in valleys and another half in nearby villages such as Gushi and Keran where they stay and enjoy mountainous dishes especially soups with locals.You can get latest free job alert updates from fresh hiring.


Pulwama holds the last and important position in the list to end your trip in a most soothing way. This place is famous for amazing weather, welcoming culture and cuisines and especially humungous flower gardens. Major attractions include Tarsar and Marsar Lake, Aripal Nag and Nagberan. Shikargarh is also a tourist hub for sightseeing amazing flora and fauna. For a breathtaking experience, you should go for Aharbal Falls and Avantishwar Temple. It will easily take 1-2 days to explore these things along with Indian military camps and memorials.

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