Cons of Airbrush Makeup

Are you in favor of opting for airbrush makeup for your wedding? Well, by this time you definitely have researched all the positive aspects of airbrush makeup, but, have you thought about the consequences it can have on your skin? 

It is your big day and you want to look at your best. By choosing airbrush makeup, you get flawless skin along with a number of pros and cons. When done in the correct manner, airbrush makeup can give you the complexion of your dreams. Be aware of the drawbacks before rushing. 

Airbrush makeup is a type of makeup application technique that utilizes compressed air to spray on a fine mist of makeup. It provides you with a camera-ready texture that gives the skin an even, misted pattern creating a natural feeling. 
1. Airbrush makeup can turn flaky

If your skin is on the drier side, the spray makeup through the airbrush can turn out flaky. As the formula is waterproof, it is a lot less creamy than the usual foundation formula. When you have dry skin, consult your makeup artist to check if airbrush makeup is at all a good choice for your skin and complexion. Don’t forget to follow a proper skincare routine till your wedding day. 

2. Difficult to re-blend

No matter if you are tear-prone or not, if you end up crying, your makeup will streak. In the case of airbrush makeup, re-blending becomes and filling in the spots becomes harder. It is a lot harder to re-create your original, flawless look. However, if airbrush makeup is applied properly and dried, it should not create any further issues.

3. Limited shade options

One major drawback of airbrush makeup is the limited range of shades. The airbrush makeup formula is very different from the everyday foundation and there is a limited selection of shades and brands to choose from. 
4. More expensive

Professional makeup artists consider airbrush makeup an add-on service which is typically more expensive than traditional makeup. Consult your bridal makeup artist to see what they recommend for you. The best time to check if airbrush makeup is worth the price or not is during your makeup trial.  

5. Not suitable for a scarred skin

If you have scarred skin with ample active breakouts, do not go for airbrush makeup since it is not going to cover your face smoothly. Regular makeup is best suited for acne-prone skin
Noe that you know what are the consequences of airbrush makeup, let’s help you out to choose between traditional makeup and airbrush makeup. 

Difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup

Which one lasts longer?

Airbrush makeup has high chances of lasting longer than traditional makeup, provided you use one with a silicone-base. Silicon-based airbrush foundation will be water-resistant and would help you sport a brave look. 

Covering Blemishes

Airbrush makeup does not cover blemishes better than traditional makeup. The former gives a blanket-like finish, unlike traditional makeup foundations which gives a fuller coverage. If you still wish to use airbrush makeup, remember, you will not get the same glowing finish as traditional makeup. 

Weather Effects

Airbrush makeup is long-lasting and can be used in all temperatures. Though long-lasting, it needs to be supported by a good setting powder. Traditional makeup is also capable of withstanding extreme rain and heat with proper preparation and finishing touches. 

Skin Types Variations

As mentioned earlier, airbrush makeup works best if you have hydrated skin or as long as your skin remains hydrated. Airbrush makeup is best for women who have skin type ranging from normal to combination. While traditional makeup is versatile and is capable of meeting various skin types. 

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