Best Gifts Ideas for Toddlers

Getting a gift for your toddler on any occasion is a bit of a task for any parent or any person purchasing a gift. As parents, often much time is spent on thinking up the best gift idea for your toddler. At that age, toddlers are constantly learning new things and collecting new skills and knowledge and you may want to give your child a gift that will add to their reservoir of knowledge and skills they collect. This decision also differs from girls to boys. Rather than simply allowing your child to have a toy that would bring them simple happiness, buying your child anything that will enhance their learning abilities will be of great use to them and will also allow them to ease into any school work they will have when they start going to preschool. So why not make gifting your child learning and fun experience for them. Below are a few ideas of gifts you can buy easily from a baby shop. You can give your child to play and learn with these gifts:


Allowing a toddler to ride a two-wheel bicycle is a definitely no-go! When they are only beginning to learn to walk or have learnt it and now is gaining some practice, a full-on bicycle is not even within the realm of possibility. However, trikes can be used as an alternative to bicycles. They too are a form of a bicycle with three wheels that support your child. In owning one, they will become more familiar with the concept of riding a bicycle and be open to the idea of learning to ride one when they are older. Giving them one of these as a gift would make them quite happy and once they get familiarized with it they will soon adore it. You can get these in various colours and with various gadgets such as bows etc. attached to them; therefore this gift is suitable for both girls and boys.

Building Blocks

From an early stage of the learning process, children begin to understand the concept of size and shapes and with the idea of fitting things together. Allowing them to play with building blocks gives lets them learn this valuable skill which will most definitely come in handy with different aspects of their life. For a gift you can ramp up the building blocks and buy them a Lego set with the different characters on it. They will not only learn to play with the different shapes and sizes but will also enjoy the additional characters on it. 

Colour Palate with Colouring Books

Colouring things are something little ones absolutely love to do. They can spend hours doing this especially at such a young age where they are only beginning to understand and appreciate colours. Buying them a colour palate with a nice colouring book will be loved by your child. This is also a suitable gift for both girls and boys so if you have two toddlers, you can get them each a colouring book and they will enjoy doing it together. 

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