Best Home Remedies to Avoid Mouth Cancer

Cancer is scary; That’s right. Mouth cancer which is also known as oral cancer may occur due to many reasons. It occurs in men more than women. The doctors say it usually begin with lower pallet and tongue but before you knew, it spreads all over the mouth very quickly. Starting from gums to the oesophagus including everything in between like salivary glands, inner cheeks, tonsils etc. However, very few people know that there are many home remedies right in our house that could prevent such a chronic disease if taken regularly. Let’s go ahead and talk about the top five home remedies to prevent mouth cancer.

Green and Leafy vegetables:

This is recommended by the AICR (The American Institute for Cancer Research). The doctors say that more the leafy vegetables are consumed, more your body gets power to fight with cancer. Along with the large amount of Iron that it has, it also reduces the tumour size and helps to prevent it from spreading and recurring. It happens because leafy vegetables have potent anticancer property. 


It sounds like a simple thing but very effective in preventing and treating mouth cancer. It has lycopene because of it, tomato gets its colour. Lycopene releases the harmful radicals from the body because it works as an antioxidant. Sometimes a skin cell damage can also lead to mouth or oral cancer but thanks to Vitan in tomatoes, it works miraculously preventing any type of skill cell damage. 


Avocados are one of the home remedies to prevent mouth cancer.As we discussed, mouth cancer, if not treated at the early stage, it rapidly spreads all over the mouth. Avocados are effective in preventing mouth cancer because it is very rich in Vitamin C and E. This releases pre-cancerous cells all over mouth which avoids oral cancer.

Drumsticks Leaves:

These are also known to be an effective way of preventing and treating mouth cancer. The leaves of drumsticks need to be prepared before use. Here’s how it should be taken. 

Dry the leaves and power it. Boil the water and put a teaspoon of it in the boiling water and take it as tea. Regular use of this works nicely if you want to prevent any mouth cancer

Green Tea:

It is a proven fact that Green Tea is a rich source of antioxidants. It actually flushes out all the toxins from the body and organs then releases it by excretion process of the body. Actually, these free radicals could later trigger mouth cancer to happen. A regular and limited use (Almost two cups a day) of green tea, prevents many of the reasons which could lead to mouth cancer.

The Bottom Line:

Mostly cancer occurs due to the regular use of tobacco, which should be avoided completely. Though these home remedies to prevent mouth cancer are very effective, if cancer is not treated at the early stage, it becomes incurable. Prevention is better is the cure. Hence, try to prevent rather than coming to a stage of treatment. All the best. 

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