Top Selling Lomani Perfumes You Need to Try

A true perfume lover never sticks to just one scent or fragrance. They believe in trying everything to find those handpicked fragrances perfect for their styles. Around the world, there are several brands selling classic international luxury perfumes, but only a few of them are capable of doing it in low budget making it available to every customer. One such brand is Lomani, serving the fragrance needs of customers for several decades now. The perfume brand was started in France, developed with an idea of merging the classic French notes with the new age style.

The perfume brand has since then produced some of its most popular perfumes for men and women around the world keeping it budget-friendly. It is, in fact, the only brand, which sells luxury perfumes with long-lasting fragrance at low prices. You can buy these on stores selling genuine perfumes online for men and women.

Some of its most popular fragrances for men are:

Lomani Gold eau de toilette for men: This is a versatile fragrance for men having fresh yet spicy notes. Perfect for a man who loves to mingle with others and spread a smile on every face he sees, this perfume will give you a likable touch. The top notes are rich in fruity citrusy notes of Bergamot, Mandarin orange, green apple and cardamom. The heart notes are slightly spicy with coriander, nutmeg, jasmine and cumin. The base notes are rich and earthy with vanilla, amber, cedar and white musk. The fragrance is gentle and great to be worn all day and all night.

Lomani Original perfume for men: This is an aromatic herby perfume for the man who loves to stand out with its unique personality. The top notes are a mix of the fruity-floral mix having bergamot, lavender, rosemary and juniper berries. The middle notes are rather herby with violet leaf and geranium. The base notes are earthy and aromatic with musk, sandalwood, cedar and amber. Original perfume has a long-lasting soothing scent, which is perfect for all-day wear.

Lomani Code Man perfume for men: This is a rather sensual scent for men who love to let others know about their presence without being loud. With top notes of bergamot, orange flower and grapefruit, it has a citrusy zesty vibe. The middle notes give it a herby floral touch with nutmeg, geranium, plum and lavender. The base notes are earthy and warm with musk, oud, amber and tonka bean. With its sensuous notes and strong scent, this is perfect for parties and evening engagements like date nights.

Lomani Only Blue perfume for men: This is a refreshing boost of freshness for the man of today. The top notes contain herby fruity notes with cedar, cardamom and bergamot. The middle notes are sweet and fresh with olibanum, grapefruit and vetiver. The base notes are rich with citruses, spices like pepper and gedion. The fragrance is gentle yet mildly strong, which makes it perfect to be used in the office as well as your club nights. However, make sure to apply just two spritzes for the best results.

Lomani pour homme perfume for men: This is one of the classic scents created by expert perfumers at Lomani. It has a rich aromatic fragrance with minty freshness perfect for all day wear and after gym or sports activities. The top notes are rich with citruses and floral notes having bergamot, lemon, lavender and rosemary. The middle notes contain herby minty notes of thyme, camphor, cloves and geranium. The base notes are earthy and mossy with patchouli, coumarin and moss.

To get the best result from these classic yet popular fragrances from this amazing brand you must apply the perfume on clean well moisturized skin. This will help you to retain the scent for longer periods. Spray not more than two spritzes of perfume on pulse points and you will be able to spread the joy of fresh scent for hours.

Lomani is a great brand that has everything you might need in a fragrance. From gentle day time perfumes to strong night ones, you can find one scent to fit your perfume needs with the brand. The brand is known for its amazingly aromatic and long lasting fragrances so you can get most of it out its products. However, to get the best results, make sure to purchase fragrance from trusted online perfume stores. Only at these stores, you can get assured 100% original perfumes and not the fake ones. Choose your favourite Lomani OriginalPerfume for men and enjoy the scented pleasure of classic French perfume.

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