Some Important Examples of Cyberbullying

The growing use of the internet has resulted in a corresponding rise in the use of emails, instant messaging, social networking sites and internet-enabled devices. While this change has been beneficial on several fronts, it has also multiplied the instances of online threats, intimidation, and harassment. Using an internet-enabled device to threaten, intimidate or harass others amounts to cyberbullying. Crimes of this nature may range from simple to extreme cases; the latter may prompt an individual to approach either a cyberbullying lawyer or authorities who are responsible for investigating the cases linked to cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying includes a number of aspects. Due to early access to smartphones and laptops, even children engage in such crimes. This only serves to mince matters, both for parents and officials in charge of the investigation.

This post will outline what constitutes cyberbullying in detail plus some of its examples.

What does cyberbullying include?

To begin with, cyberbullying includes a number of aspects. These include the following:
●  Getting into someone’s profile of a social networking site or someone’s gaming profile
●  Being mean or rude to someone on a gaming platform
●  Distributing hurtful messages on the internet by pretending to be or on behalf of someone else
●  Pranking the cellphone of another person
●  Sending profane or mean IMs or texts to other users

Aside from the aforementioned aspects, cyberbullying also includes several other aspects that exemplify cyberbullying. These are discussed below.

Some leading examples of cyberbullying

1. Using text messages, phone calls, and instant messaging platforms to send mean or threatening messages with the intention of harassing an individual

To send mean and threatening messages via text messages, instant messages are the most common method to bully others online. Bullies can share the messages, calls on groups to harras or embarrass. And in some cases, victims do not take any action and decides to tolerate it quietly.

2. Posting objectionable or private photos of others online with the intention to embarrass them.

Be aware of where you are sharing your photos or other information. Example: there was a photographer on the pretext of creating a demo portfolio, he shoots the photos of clients in different poses and posts them on social media without her consent. Also, he shares them with his friends and followers on the social media platform.

3. Creating and running fake social media accounts to ridicule others

Being jealous of others because of popularity, students or adults plan to take revenge by embarrassing them. There are several they do this like sharing their secret, posting images and commenting on their profiles via fake accounts.

4. Stealing others’ passwords with the view of impersonating them on the internet

When you work in the same company it is common that people get offended from some minute discussions and when you are in the same team it is easy to get passwords and email id. Then that person can impersonate and bully or irritate others on behalf of your account. He can send derogatory emails, messages and can also call.

5. Creating blogs and posting stories, cartoons, and other content with the view of targetting a specific individual

Be careful whenever you get involved in a heated argument with anyone. Being unhappy over the remarks he or she can take action to take revenge. Creating a blog and starts posting stories to embarrass is one of them.

What to do if someone bullies you online

There are cyberbullying laws to help tackle the incidents of cyberbullying in the United States. Though there are numerous provisions to punish an offender under these laws, it depends on the nature of a case. You could approach a cyberbullying lawyer to know about the options to tackle a cyberbullying incident.

Final thoughts

The instances of the cases of cyberbullying are on the rise. From the above, it is crystal clear that there are several ways in which one can bully another person online. A heightened awareness of cyberbullying and its laws is the only way to prevent such incidents from happening and also provide justice to those who become a victim of it. The latter can get help from a cyberbullying attorney on the matter.

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