The Latest And Hottest Designs In Bean Bag Covers

Bean bags are a fun and versatile piece of furniture that are casual but adds a lot of comfort in modern home decor. 

The comfortable and stylish bean bags are available in different colors and sizes. They can easily incorporate in any home décor style. Even when you invest in large bean bags, you can carry them around your home wherever you want to sit. Hence, they don’t block or consume a lot of space. Bean bags have some health benefits too. 

They can fix health issues like neck pain, back pain, rounded shoulders, joint and muscle pain, and other problems that are caused due to stress and tension. They let you comfortably relax and relieve tension, thus reducing pain.

Undoubtedly bean bags are one iconic piece of home furnishing and every home should definitely have this diverse piece of furniture. They are also kid-friendly. Your kids can play around them or jump over them, without getting hurt. You can also use bean bags as your comfy office chair or while reading books.

Upgrading your bean bags is also very easy with so many bean bag covers available online in different prints, fabrics, designs, and sizes. 

If you are looking for trendy bean bag covers that match with your home décor style and theme, look no further. We are sharing the latest and hottest designs in bean bag covers that are ruling the interior designing space right now. 

Top designs in bean bag cover online : 

1.Cotton Bean Bag Covers

Organic cotton bean bag covers are the perfect choice for your living room bean bags. Cotton is a very soft, breathable, stretchable, and comforting fabric. It is also very easy to maintain and clean. 

Cotton can be a great choice if you are buying bean bags for your kids’ room. The fabric does not cause any skin irritation issues. It is safe for children. And, even if your kid spills something on the cover, you can easily get it cleaned. 

2.Printed Bean Bag Covers 

Prints are quite in trend in modern home décor spaces. Abstract and distressed prints attract many homeowners and interior designers. The best part about printed covers is that they can easily blend with the existing furniture of your home. You can choose between digital printed cotton bean bag covers and hand-embroidered covers. 

3.Velvet Covers for a Classic Look 

The velvet fabric has been linked with comfort and luxury. Velvet covers for your bean bags are no doubt a classic choice. You can place these bean bags in your TV entertainment unit where you and your friends or family can enjoy a cozy movie night. Velvet is a very soft fabric and hence velvet bean bag covers are cosy and extra soft. 

The velvet covers are great for gaming rooms and home cinemas as they are not only comforting but have a classic appearance. 

4.Solid Colors to Match with your Sofa 

If you want to buy a bean bag cover that matches your sofa, a cover in a solid color can be a great pick. They are available in every color imaginable and hence you can easily pair them with your sofa and couch. You can also go for a contrasting shade. For example, if you have a leather sofa in black color, you can opt for a grey or pink cotton bean bag cover to create a contrast. 

5.Striped Bean Bags for a Modernish Look

If you are looking for a bean bag cover to place in your garden area or near the poolside, striped bean bag covers are perfect. The stripes create an ocean vibe and can mix well with beach-side home décor. You can also keep them in your modern living room design defined by clean lines and sophisticated elements. 

Striped bean bag covers are available in different shades, so you can easily find one that matches your home décor and theme. Choose from navy stripes, blue stripes, pink stripes, etc. 

6.Multi-Color Bean Bag Covers 

If you’re someone who doesn’t like following any particular rule or theme when it comes to home décor, then go for multicolor bean bag covers. They are the perfect accessory to infuse a dash of color in your living room design. It can fit any type of home décor. 

They also don’t attract dust faster and hence you don’t have to worry about maintaining your bean bag covers. 

7.Floral Print Bean Bags

The floral print is on-trend these days, especially when it comes to home décor and modern furnishing items. You must have witnessed the increasing love for floral upholstery in fabric sofas, accent chairs, and dining table chairs. The floral print can now also be seen in bean bag covers. There are many styles to choose from in floral bean bag covers – bright pink floral prints on a white/black background, palm or tropical leaf print covers, etc. 

They are perfect for a girl’s bedroom or a summer patio look. 


Bean bags are one essential piece of furniture that can not only enhance your home décor but add a touch of comfort and modern seating in your living room, bedroom, study room, balcony, and garden area. They are long-lasting furniture and maintaining them is quite easy. You can upgrade their look and style by buying the latest and trending designs in bean bag covers online

Before buying covers online, you should determine the right size for your bean bags. Bean bags are available in different sizes like large, extra-large, small, etc. You should also read the description of the product carefully – like care instruction, washability, closure, size, etc. You can choose between leather, faux leather, velvet, or cotton bean bag covers. This will help you in buying the best cover for your bean bags without any trouble. 

Now when you know the trending designs and patterns in bean bags, go ahead and pick your favorite styles. 

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