Why React Native App Development is the Right Option for Startups

Today mobile adoption witnessed its rapid growth. As a result, mobile users are growing by leaps and bounds. According to Statista, the overall mobile users across the world will be 4.78 million, which was 4.68 billion in the last year 2019. Now, you can imagine at what rate mobile users are growing.

So, if you are still to adopt the right strategy to target mobile users, then you are indeed lagging behind your competitors. As the fact of the matter is that a large number of companies today already harness the power of mobile applications, which is the best way to target the growing number of mobile users.

The great thing about mobile applications is that it is capable of catering to businesses of all sizes, be it startups, enterprises, or an established brand. Meanwhile, it’s also true that mobile app development is an expensive deal. So, it is indeed true that some businesses, especially startups or small businesses face quite a difficulty in developing their business app.

Well, you also face a similar situation, then you have a reason to opt for none other than React Naive App Development. React Native is a popular mobile application development framework.

The best thing about the React Native platform is that it lets you develop your desired app based on your specific business needs at affordable prices while letting your developers integrate cutting-edge functionalities, features, etc, into the application.

This is the reason why React Native has become the most important option for startups who often look for world-class app development solutions at budget-friendly prices. So, they often hire a React Native developer who can match their needs and expectations in a proper way.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework programmed by social media stalwart Facebook. The framework is also known for compiling through various native components. 

React Native comes with a great attribute of reusing a single code base and thus minimizes the mobile app development on iOS and Android. As it cuts down the app development time, it also minimizes the app development cost. 

Since React Native renders native components, apps developed on this framework perform and behave like native apps.

Top Features of React Native

Let’s have a look at some great features of React Native application that made it the most popular framework.

Cross-platform Support

React Native lets developers create native applications on different platforms that include iOS and Android. Developers can also build a single app and then run it across multiple platforms. 


This framework is comparatively quick and also provides fast solutions to any projects. But, development speed is something that generally depends on various factors such as numbers of stacks to use, types of apps to be developed, and lots more.

Hot Reloading

When it comes to hot reloading, it’s another most crucial feature that lets developers visualize the live changes that they make.

Improved Security

Security is another important factor that is often taken into consideration when it comes to mobile application development. As JavaScript is the main language of this framework, it doesn’t include any kinds of breaches or flaws. 

Reasons Why Startups Prefer to React Native App Development

Let’s discuss here several reasons why startups prefer to opt for mobile app development based on the React Native framework. 

Budget-friendly App Development

As already mentioned above, React Native is popular among startups for letting them avail cost-effective mobile app development solutions. The framework lets developers carry out the development work quickly. Besides, it also assists entrepreneurs in getting their project completed within the less and specified time-frame.

Cost-efficient MVP

You can get in touch with a React Native development company to get an effective MVP app at a budget-friendly price. As leveraging this platform, developers create the MVP at budget-friendly prices while integrating the cutting-edge features, functionalities, etc. into the application.

Creating MVP is also considered to be the right practice to get the market response, which ensures that whether the final application will witness market success or not. This is often developed keeping in mind the user’s and investor’s interest. 

When it comes to the right platform to create an MVP app, no other framework is as good as React Native.


So, above are some reasons why React Native is popular for mobile app development and also why startups prefer to hire a React app development agency. If you are also looking for budget-friendly app development solutions, it’s good to hire a React Native developer.

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