Caught up in the Euphoria

There is a feeling of ebullience that is associated with been a youth, the commonest of them all is the amazing feeling of freedom to do as one wishes without much interference or control from parents unlike during our adolescent phase of life.

Having waited all our lives to be set free from the tyranny of our parents, the youthful stage is now a phase to explore and experiment. It is a stage accompanies with so much energy and vibes that needs to be dissipated as quickly as it is produced so it can be replaced.

But as youth, we should know that freedom is priceless and irreplacable, it is a highly  valued entity that should be treated respectfully. Freedom has a direct relationship with time, this is because no one can have full control of his/her time forever, for example, when a youth gets married his/her level of freedom reduces due to the fact that he/ she now devotes a portion of his/her time to family responsibilities, as such, freedom becomes limited. It is for this reason, it is vital to know that at that youthful phase the gift of freedom should be utilized and effectively and efficiently before limitations comes to play.

The youthful phase is the right time when dreams and visions should undergo building and construction, there is no better time other than this.

However, there are so many distractions all around us that steals our time away and because we are too busy doing nothing, we do not notice, rather we are engulfed and engrossedin the undue excitement of freedom at the detriment of our goals, vision and mission.

Some of these distractions that has gotten us so lost includes but are not limited to excessive clubbing/ partying, unnecessary friendship and relationship with the same or opposite sex, unnecessary entertainment, the eagerness of wanting to be everywhere at the same time, all these and many more takes a huge  chunky juicy bite of our time and before we realize this , we already have grey hairs falling off our head, and at such times, it is too late to cry when the head is separated off the shoulders.

At this youthful phase of life, the spirit of cautiousness is continually challenged, combacted and almost suppressed by the spirit of restiveness. This phase offers us a lot of enticing distractions with vast options, alternatives and variety of life delicacies and activities to make choices from and base our actions on. Every decisions taken at this level of life is considered a foundation for the future; which could be faulty or solid depending on the personality involved and the choices made.

As young people, so many of us have lost our crown of having a glorified life unknownly to us because our time which is a vital ingredient of our life span have been severed and drastically reduced due to the fact that we couldn’t handle/manage freedom and the undue excitement associated with it.

So many of us are deeply ignorant, with a mindset that we are actually making the best use of our freedom but do not realize that we are eventually wasting all of it. Some others feel it is a phase to become casual with life while waiting for the future, many of us take it like a mere transitional phase.

This swirling wind of freedom has encapsulated a lot of us into thinking all is and/will be well instead of helping us proffer solutions to problems that actually prevented all from been well. Relevant actions and steps taken towards goals, visions, mission, ambition, and destinies are missed and usually replaced with irrelevant ones.

Energy, time, resources are channeled towards the wrong things and directions, actions and decisions are taken with the wrong motives and imaginations.

There is a fa├žade of an ideal life painted instead  of waking up to the realistic facet of life, so many facts are confused and misunderstood by our callous youthful mind which is usually in a hurry and cannot create a calm enabling environment for proper analysis. Fingers are pointing at the wrong directions and minds are conditioned towards a narrow dimension with no broad scope.

Conclusively, we should not allow our freedom become our enslavement.

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