Explore the Beauty of Osaka with Saudi Airlines

Located on the Japanese island of Honshu, Osaka is not only the largest port city but is also a commercial center of the country. The city is famous worldwide for its hearty food, modern architecture, and the bustling nightlife. The primary landmark of Osaka is Osaka Castle, which has undergone several renovations ever since its establishment.

If you are planning a visit to this city with Saudi Airlines online booking,bear in mind that there are two centers in the city. The South District or Minami is ideal for shopping and dining experiences, whereas the North District or Kita is the center of business activities. So, it is up to you to choose the places of your interests. Here, we have outlined the places from both sections of the Osaka.

1.     Osaka Castle

The Osaka Fortress, built in just three years in 1586, was designed by the famous Japanese warrior and politician Toyotomi Hideyoshi and was the largest fortress in Japan at that time. Almost all Hideyoshi commanders had to add the stone to their structure, the largest of which was the Higo working stone, near the southern entrance, about six feet high, 14.5 feet long, brought from the famous island of General Kato Kiyomasa. After the defeat of Hideyoshi in 1615, the castle was destroyed and rebuilt by the Tokugawa shoguns only for prestige reasons. Destroyed after the fall of the shogunate, the fort was rebuilt in 1931 in its current form.

2.     Ferris Wheel Tempozan

The huge Ferris wheel Tempozan is one of the largest attractions in Asia, offering the best views of Osaka, especially the port area and the city of Tempozan Liman, where it is located. With a height of more than 112 meters and a diameter of 100 meters, this giant Ferris wheel has been operating since 1997 and offers an exciting 17-minute ride, which is especially nice at night when the wheel lights up in different colors. It is dictated by the weather (orange for forecasting sunny weather, green for clouds, blue for rain). Fans can choose one of the special cars "bottom up" for an incredibly complete overview of Osaka Bay.

3.     Tenoji Park and Zoo

Tennai Park, the largest green area in Osaka, serves as a respite from other vibrant activities of city. The spring park attracts attention with its fragrant flower beds and cherry blossoms thanks to interesting statues, ponds and bridges. Opened in 1915 and part of Osaka's main tourist attractions, there are many species that seem to roam the African savannah, including lions, giraffes and elephants. Not only this, there is also a separate section for the kids and families where only the benign and gentle animals are kept.

4.     Osaka Science Museum with Cheap Flights

This museum will reveal the fact that a large ship is no different from a bridge. The Osaka Museum of Science is a pleasant trip for traveling with children. Opened in 1989 over the National Museum of Art, the museum contains many interactive and manual exhibits on a wide range of issues related to science, from astronomy to energy sources. The museum is generally visited by the students of universities colleges who are interested in researching about the scientific facts. As the name of the Osaka International Peace Center implies, one should also visit a museum dedicated to peace. To get the cheap flights before visiting Japan, you should consult a prestigious traveling agency.

5.     Shitenno-Ji Temple

Osaka's most famous temple, Shitennō-ji, dates back to 59 AD and was the first Buddhist temple in Japan. Despite repeated updates over the centuries, this beloved temple remains the oldest religious site officially managed. The main attractions of this period are the five-story pagoda, a number of other exquisitely decorated buildings, including the Golden Pavilion (Kondo) with exquisite sculptures and paintings, as well as a beautiful paved corridor connecting all three parts. Other famous buildings in the complex include a pleasant garden, training area, pharmacy and hospital.

6.     Osaka Aquarium

If it looks like it is made of giant Lego blocks, you should pay attention to the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyuka. This aquarium is one of the largest such attractions in the world. Tourists can embark on an exciting journey through a number of marine habitats, including the Great Barrier Reef, Gulf of Monterey, and the Pacific Ocean and Antarctica. Exhibited are freshwater species, as well as many Japanese marine species, including reptiles and native mammals. Most importantly, the place is the largest at a depth of nine meters and has 27 reservoirs that can easily provide excellent marine life, including stingrays and sharks.


You will certainly not forget your journey of Osaka if you visit the aforementioned places. Indeed, you will thank us later when you realize that we had guided you about the best spots in Osaka. 

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