How to Remove Kitchen Faucet Handle Without Screws

Removal of a faucet handle for a non-professional could be a hard-looking task although it's not. The explanation to get rid of the handle from a kitchen faucet varies from person to person. Maybe you wish to get rid of the handle to alter the tap cartridge. 

The possible problem that may arise is you'll be able to not remove the cartridge while the tap handle remains intact. This can be why you wish to follow the subsequent steps carefully before happening a way to remove kitchen faucet handle without screws. 

Before going into the matter further deep, you wish to ask yourself why you'd have to change the tap cartridge? The general public think that because the water pressure is below par, there must be something wrong with the cartridge. They're right in most cases; water pressure problems arise because of a faulty cartridge. 

Removing the faulty cartridge while the tap handle continues to be inbound is possibly unimaginable. For this, we'd bear the method to get rid of the handle first so the cartridge in an organized manner. This way, your kitchen faucet wouldn't only work fine within the future, but the cartridge problem would be addressed yet. 

Here as you recognize we are visiting address the problem of the cartridge while removing the tap handle first. If you recognize a way to change or remove the cartridge of a faucet, your problem is 50% solved just in case if you are doing not comprehend the removal of a cartridge safely, we recommend you watch the subsequent short video before happening further.

As you recognize that our topic is to get rid of the tap handle and not the cartridge change or its removal. But our joy is to assist you anyway. That's the rationale we've included this short video of the cartridge fixing. We also had a pair of more videos, but during this one, they need explained the full package in minimum possible time.


To get rid of or change a kitchen faucet handle without screws, you'll need some tools. These tools will facilitate your acquire your accomplishment without doing any harm to your faucet.


You will need the following tools for removing the kitchen faucet handle safe and sound without the use of screws.
1. A piece of old towel
2. A pair of pliers
3. Flat-Head Screwdriver
4. faucet handle puller set
5. White vinegar
6. An Allen Wrench

We hope that you will have these tools with you. These tools are a must-have if you want to save your faucet from becoming a faulty one. If you do not have These tools, make sure to vail it as soon as possible from a store near you or buy it somewhere online.


You'll must follow the subsequent step to get rid of the handle from your kitchen faucet successfully. 

The first and foremost step is to shut off the water to your faucet. This you'll be able to neutralise two ways. First, if you'll find supply lines under your sink, turn them off if you are doing not have such junctions in your sink, then you've got to shut off the most supply route. 

Now to get rid of the handle of the tap very first thing you wish to try to to is to get rid of off the cap from it. Some faucets don't have caps; hopefully, the one you're addressing is capped. Pry off the cap by employing a flat head screwdriver. 

You may not be ready to find the cap at the bottom of the tap but the side. Wherever the cap is your job, for now, is to pry it off. 

Now, as you remove the cap underneath, you'll find a screw that was initially invisible to you. Use the spanner to get rid of the screw. If the screw may be a setscrew, then you'll need an accurate sized wrench for its removal.

Before removing the screw, ensure that the drain is roofed first because you do not want your faucet screw to push lost within the drain. Remember this can be the screw that keeps your faucet handle tightly. 

 Since by now you have got the screw removed, now it's the time to tug out the handle carefully. For this purpose, you may need a pair of pliers or a faucet handle puller. 

As you remove the handle now by using an old towel, wrap the bottom up to avoid scratching to the tap. Otherwise, it'll lose its sleek appearance and therefore the faucet will look very bad. Use distilled white vinegar or lemon to get rid of any water minerals that blocks your faucet drain and reduces its efficiency. Now if your cartridge is broken, you ought to replace it, or if it's working fine, you ought to leave it because it is.
Typically cartridge replacement could be a cheap process, and within the market, you'll be able to always find a cartridge cheaply. After doing all the above steps successfully, what you would like to try and do now's to repeat the method in a very backward direction to reassemble your faucet handle.


If you have not replaced any faucet handle before you may find this job a little hard for yourself. But after reading this article, you should do it smoothly. Your purpose of dismantling the faucet handle may vary. You may need to remove the stains and minerals from within the faucet. You may need to replace the cartridge.

Whatever the purpose of removing your faucet handle is. We have made it very clear for you, and by now you should be able to do it smoothly. However, if you still need any help, we are here to help you out 24/7.

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