Pack The Perfect Carry-On With Me And The Gift Too

Well, we all know there is one thing when it comes to traveling and that is packing our carry-on bags. women's equality is out while planning what to take on the next trip or you know how many dresses of taking but the problem is that with a carry on what should you keep it and what you shouldn't there are many do's and don'ts that come with it and also rules change from one airline to another. Also, the point is which carry-on bag should you have that will help you have a piece of smaller luggage. And another amazing thing about these carry-on bags is that they can be given as a gift to some of your closest friends and family members because not only they are amazing but you can stock them with the things that they love and that way it would be an amazing surprise and a different gift in itself along with birthday flowers if that's for a birthday or just general flowers would be fine. Let's check out how to stuff this surprise. 

1) Tote Bag 

well we are not aware of the fact that nowadays the airlines are not providing us with too many things there is been cut shot in sleeping pillow watching movies online and many other things and the prices are increasing and in such case when you have to travel or maybe you don't have to travel but you are planning on giving this as a gift so the tote bag alone would be a great gift, of course, you can stuff it in your bag and make an amazing impression it depends on to which person you're giving this gift and the how frequent they travel suppose if I talk about myself when I travel only once or twice a year so I just use my one tote bag until it wears off. And you can go with prints, patterns, and pockets as you want. Just make sure to add online flower delivery in Bangalore or anywhere else. 

Additional filling for a travel carry-on Tote bag 

2) Wet Wipes 

Yes I know you must be thinking what are wet wipes doing over hair but you need them as soon as you’re in the plane this is the first thing you need you would want to wipe off those window shields, wipe down the tray, seat arms and seat belts. So you can just keep it in an upper pocket where it comes on really handy because you will have to use it quickly when you see it on the plane or train or bus whichever you are traveling from. 

3) Passport Holder 

Now because I know you will be traveling in your country and you might not need a passport over there but in case if you are traveling to a foreign country then definitely this is the perfect gift to be added on in the Tote bag. So make sure that the passport holder is bright colored and it has space for not only the passport but some amount of cash because you know this is something that you will keep in your hand and it should come off very handy when you have to pay the cab driver. Buy birthday flowers alongside all the gifts you are adding this will just complete your whole traveling gifts.

3) Magazines, laptops and other techs 

Now yet another thing that you need to add in your tote gift bag is a magazine. and of course when the person to whom so ever you are giving this gift they are free to add their laptops and other technical things that they want to keep but you can make sure that you had small pouches for all these things there are various pouches available in the market have to search a little bit smaller ones for keeping your earphone and other larger ones for your tablet and reader. 

4) Eatables Pouch 

So by now, you must have understood that packing things in a Tote bag is simple even if it does not have any pockets, then you can add many pouches and this one is my favorite. You are not allowed any kind of liquids while you are traveling on a flight of course these things are allowed when you are on a bus and train. So in my eatable pouch, I pack a few nuts, some homemade energy bars. Sometimes you can be stopped by eating those nuts because someone else might be allergic. That's why your protein bars will come in handy. As for starters as a gift, you can make a few energy bars and of course, nuts too, fill it in the pouch and keep it the bag and this would be a great gift for children’s along with happy birthday flowers, or any other flowers for the occasion that you know your friends and family members like. 

5) Water bottles and a sleeping or neck pillow 

I know you're not allowed to carry look ahead but it is not so that you are not allowed to carry even drinking bottles at all now what you going to do with them as you will at three men were you like it makes in it or a coffee mix whatever your choice and you can keep two or three bottles. Depending on how long you have to stay in the flight and how many times you will be drinking tea so this is yet a gift and this is even good as a separate gift that you can give to somebody who is about to travel. Although I find those neck pillows pathetic, some people love it. So you can buy that as well and add it to your perfect travel tote gift bag. If it's a birthday gift make sure to add cake and flower delivery in mumbai or any other country. 

6) Extra's 

Well, last-minute things you could have forgotten something like an extra pair of shoes, tie, accessories, etc. 

7) Cosmetics 

So you can carry all a few of them, however, do check with your airlines how much they allow in liquid and gels to be carried. Usually it's 100 ml each like a foundation, eye shadow, etc. However, the best thing is that nowadays companies are manufacturing .

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