Cute Ways to Say I Love You

9:03 PM

One of the funny ways to say I love you is by doing an interpretative dance. If you're a bad dancer, then this is going to be even more hilarious than usual. You can choose a really cheesy song from the early 90's or mix a tape with danceable beats to plan your choreography around.As with creating your own music video, you don't need to worry about looking a little stupid. You want to tell your lover how in love you are and you want to do it in a humorous way: I say interpretative dance all the way! Just don't do it in front of the parents or in some place public!

Drop some cute little notes with sweet quotes: one on her purse, on her desk, on the fridge, in the dirty laundry basket, on her bed, inside her closet --- anywhere she can see it. She'll be inspired by it all day. Call her in the middle of the night, tell her you're thinking about her all day and ask if you can come over.

You have to cast your mind back to the 50's and 60's and understand what was socially acceptable and not socially acceptable during that era. Remember this is a time when serving your husband was an aspiring career. Where washing clothes was a strategy to show the neighbours that you are a family of stature, money and organisation.

I love the way you touch me, always sending me chills down my spine. I love that you are with me and glad that you are mine. What is real but invisible? Your love. What's true but unfair? You are away from me what's sweet but invincible? Your smile what's precious but priceless? Your friends you are always on my mind a girl such as you is rare to find you will always be in my mind what ever I do and say we always love darling, my heart has a special place reserved just for you. You know just what I need. Your loving heart shows that you care fro me, in your thought and deeds.

You will likely not find it hard to find a card that you can give your mother or your father for this day. Here, honor the things that mom and dad have done for you throughout the years or continue to do for you now. A card can praise the things that your father has done too. A card that shows that you love them, respect them, and appreciate them will be cherished by them. If you can't say these words to them easily, finding just the right card to express is will be that much more meaningful to them.

If you are proposing your Love for the first time via text message, then make sure that it is perfect and understandable. It should be full of feelings of Love and Romance. It should not to be very long that he or she gets bored reading it. It should be short enough to express your feelings. An idle message should not to be more than three or four sentences. Signing it with I Love You will be Ice on the Cake.

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