His and Her Beds

Most men are what we pickup artists call, the beta male. These are men who spend all of their time, money and energy trying to please women. They constantly compliment the woman, open doors, pull out chairs, laugh at their silly jokes and do just about anything to try to impress them. 

 These are insecure men who believe that they must cater to a woman in order for them to return any affection to them, but all they ever get in return is to be put on the 'friends list' of every woman they pursue. These men are what we call nice guys and we all know that nice guys finish last if they finish at all.

Speaking as a woman, some men don't really know the best sex positions that will please a woman in bed. They know what works for them, but if you want to be a sex god that every woman you sleep with will praise and never forget, then you're going to have to do a little bit of research and find out some new stuff to help you along.

If you really wish to give a girl a good time in bed then there are certain things you should know that highly excite a girl while there are certain things that turn women off. These in general are common to all women.

1. The first thing is never start directly with a physical approach to sex. First build up the atmosphere and lay the ground for a romantic approach. Every girl wants to be romanced and not made to feel like a rag doll to be used.

2. Do not show over eagerness like a greedy boy who cannot wait to lay his hands on that delicious pie. You'll just end up with a rejection at the end of it. Be patient and show concern rather than over eagerness. Make her comfortable too.

3. Do not grope in the dark when you touch her much as you may be nervous and uncertain about how to go about the whole thing. Move your fingers and hands with certainty and confidence or she will dislike your touch.

4. Your kiss should be sensual and passionate and slobbering. Learn the art of kissing. Practice will make you perfect. If there's passion in your kiss she'll be aroused, but if you are clumsy she'll throw you off.