Hot Favorite Sex Positions

If you are looking for ways to spice things up then you are no doubt already sexually active. Nonetheless experience does not protect you against pregnancy or STDs. Some sexual positions may require the body of a contortionist so you must be very careful. No jumping off wardrobes or stampeding in like a wild bull as this can result in serious injuries. Would you believe more accidents happen in the bedroom than you could imagine. If sex toys are used, once again be careful and keep them clean. Unhygienic gadgets can lead to infection.

The Missionary Position remains a staple amongst many women, but not for the reasons you may believe. Overwhelmingly, the majority of women are UNABLE to reach orgasm in this position. However, it's at the top of their list because of the emotional connection. They tell us they love the intimacy of being face-2-face with their lover.

Simply stated to get into the sexual twister both you and your partner are going to wrap each others legs around both of your torsos from head to toe. This is one of those positions that cause earth shattering orgasms because of the unusual angle of penetration.

A second tip is to make love in a different room of the house such as the shower, a hot tub, the washing machine while it is on spin cycle or the pool table. However, watch out for that glass coffee table that was only made to support 50 pounds. Be creative, use common sense and enjoy yourself.

She is down on hands and knees in doggie position.This position is great for hitting the clitoris and the g-spot. She can control the angle and pressure simply by moving her hips up or down. She can also control the amount of penetration.

Lap dances are a famous foreplay technique because they work extremely well for boosting the sexual energy for both the man and the woman. With that said, the lap dance is not just for foreplay! In fact, this is one of the best-feeling sex positions for a woman.

Doggy style position - The doggy style oral sex position has a woman on all fours with you behind her. Now you can lick and kiss her from behind which makes things more interesting. If you're adventurous, you can also lick and kiss her anus which will really get her wild.

Rear entry positions will stimulate her G spot. There are many variations of rear entry positions that you can try out.One position is sex against the wall. In this position the man is standing while the woman is pressed against the wall. The man can grab her hips to thrust into her.