How to Impress a Girl | Proven Ways to Impress a Girl

When I think of a guy who is trying to impress a girl I picture a guy who is basically trying way too hard, one that is showing off in the hopes to win a girl over. It's a very weak and submissive position to be in. While a guy should initiate contact, in no way he should chase after a girl or go overboard with everything he does just to impress her. Girls are not impressed by that.

# Take note of your appearance. Don't even think about approaching a girl or going out with her if you are looking scruffy and untidy or a bit on the nose. Forget it!
# If you've arranged to take her out on a date or meet with her, don't be late! Girls like men who are and punctual and reliable.
# One of the important tips on how to impress a girl is to use your manners! If she's a girl who likes doors opened for her then don't just barge ahead leaving her behind so that the door slams back in her face!
# At the end of a meal, if you really want to impress a girl, offer to pay for the lot. Some girls will feel uncomfortable with that arrangement and will offer to pay for their share. Don't just tell her that she should pay half.
# Don't try to impress her by flaunting yourself. Girls like guys who show some self respect and have a sense of humor.
# An important tip on how to impress a girl, is that you do not dominate the conversation. Don't talk so much that you don't give her a chance to speak.

Don't be fooled to thinking that to make an impression on a girl, you have to hold a slot in People magazine as one of the world's most handsome men. It takes more than just your natural looks to strike a woman.So what is the big secret these not so good-looking men have? Here is what you need to consider: it's one thing to be handsome and not know what to use, and another thing to not be handsome and know what to use.

Be sensitive to the girl's needs. Girls hate insensitive guys that are full of hot air about them. Take a little effort to make the girl of your dreams comfortable. If she likes sensitive guys, then put in some effort to learn poetry, cooking or even pottery. This is sure to impress any girl although you might be left holding some self-doubts about yourself, especially if you are in the football team. Anyway, if it impresses the girl, then just do it, and remember to have fun doing it.

You need to be confident and self-reliant if you want to learn how to impress a girl. Never think that you are unworthy of every woman who walks into the study hall. Try to strike a healthy balance between being confident and being too cocky. It is important to stay interesting to the girl you want to impress. However, to should not talk too much about your interest and hobbies. You should allow her to share her own interest and likes.

 You have to be able to talk to her. Without being able to get a conversation going with her, she's not going to have much to go on to be impressed by you. Having the skill to start a conversation with a woman is one of the most important skills that you can have. She has to know that if she does go on a date with you, that she is not going to be the one that has to do all of the talking.

Don't try to impress them at all- Do you know that girls would be automatically impressed if you show them that you have a chilled out personality and you aren't worried about many things? You see the problem is that several guys out there try too hard to impress girls they seem to like and often when you are trying hard the girl starts playing too hard to get.