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Variety and awareness are overlooked good kissing techniques As far as good kissing techniques go, there are literally hundreds out there for you to try. Shallow and deep French kissing, nip kissing, and even kissing on the cheek. These are all good kissing techniques to learn and experiment with. But there is another group of techniques that you can use to spice up your encounters.

One of the kissing techniques that some might not think about is making sure that you are an appealing kissing partner. There are a few ways that it can be accomplished. Hygiene is always a good way to make yourself more appealing. Oral hygiene is just as important as any other type of hygiene as that will be the area most affected by kissing. But overall hygiene is great because nobody is going to want to kiss someone that has a problem with body odor. Something to keep in mind. Other ways to make yourself more appealing are to be concerned with how your lips look. Odds are that very few people will think someone with dry lips would seem to be a very kissable person. If you are plagued with dry lips that is a very fixable problem. Apply some lip balm such as Chap Stick or something of that sort and be done with it. Adding a little shimmer gloss is always nice as not only will it moisturize, it will draw attention to your lips.

A french kiss is also about the body. If you are standing away from a person and the only thing that is touching is your lips, then this isn't a very personal kiss. You have to feel it with your whole body. Hold them or touch them so they feel closer to you. Touch their face, rub their back, and hold their hand, anything that can make the kiss feel more intimate.

Mouth placement is a key factor in French kissing techniques. You will want your mouth open slightly to allow the tongue to move around inside as well as enter your partner's mouth. If your mouth is open too wide, you will not only feel inexperienced, but your kiss will not be as relaxed and smooth as you would like. If your mouth is open too wide, you may find yourself banging teeth with the other person, giving you an embarrassing kiss. Remember to try and stay relaxed and let your mouth fall open slightly just before you begin that special kiss.

It may have been a great dinner, but the garlic, beer or onions can really be a nasty head turner, and not in a good way. One of the appalling kissing technique is not really a technique but problem with odor. If you are close to the person, and you can be tactful, you should try to drop a little hint now and then to let them know the problem. If you can be diplomatic, let them know upfront. It may not be good for the relationship, but it will open their eyes to possible and better changes.


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